Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello Friend

It's pouring today - the house is so dark.
We made pancakes first thing.
We went to the movies with my sister last night, to see Shutter Island. It left me so perplexed, I keep thinking about it.
The homemade pizza last night was delicious, chicken and cilantro is a winner.
Our kitties keep venturing outside, then come back all wet - we have to towel them dry.
Billy just made a fire for us, our extra down comforter gets good use.
I have projects to do, but honestly all I am interested in is snoozing.
It's evident a good cup of tea is in order...



amy @ switz~art said...

i am so the same! i organized my studio space and made it so that it was inviting and made me happy...i feel the excitement to make necklaces, but just want to nap and be lazy. the sun is around the corner...i hope! ;-)

those pancakes look just perfect! perhaps i need to have those for breakie tomorrow!

happy saturday!

Tim said...

georgia, i love checking ur blog...always so cheery! yum those look good...i will be knocking next time at ur door haha~ love ya xoxo

Celestial said...

Pancakes, kitty cuddles, warm comforter, fireplaces...and rain. Sounds beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

My husband made the most amazing , from scratch blueberry buttermilk pancakes on Saturday. Must have been that kind of day.