Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day with Alice

Today is Valentine's Day. We stopped by the beach on our way home with Alice, cuz it was such a nice day, and it was on our way. Alice is so fashionable, with her scarf and all. I feel like a dork standing next to her, but tomorrow she is going to do my makeup. While walking back to the car, a homeless guy asked us if we were from Sweden. We laughed, I guess we looked like tourists or something. It hit me in a strange way though - as a kid we practically lived at the beach, and now, since I visit it so infrequently anymore, I kind of feel like a foreigner when I go there. After dropping Alice home, Billy and I enjoyed the rest of our sunny day together. Sealed with a kiss, it was a perfect Valentine's Day, indeed.

Hope yours was just as fine


Celestial said...

Lovely beach pics. Such a different scene than our snowy MN!

Vista Gal said...

Glad that your Valentine's Day was super -perfect! It is so nice to have the summery weather after such a cold spell! All we need now is a tan!

Hey Lady! said...

Look at those pretty ladies!! Looks so nice, I miss the beach! I'm glad you got out and about for Valentines day! Looks like it was fun!