Friday, March 12, 2010

M.I.A. {with good intentions, dear}

This week:
{drawing in my sketchbook}
{Irish Breakfast tea, in abundance}
{trying to get a good nights sleep}
{attention to cats, as needed}
{reading my bible}
{scrubbing the bathroom}
{enjoying my new bare minerals kit}
{I have done zero cooking}
{concepts for a new crown due next Friday}
{thinking about Easter already}
{hooked on British band Mumford & Sons}
{dark cherry mocha at the coffee shop with the green logo}
{pondering my purpose on this earth}
{still not exactly sure about that purpose...}
{but I guess we aren't always meant to have that all figured out}

{enjoy your weekend friends, as I will mine}



amy @ switz~art said...

have a wonderful weekend, my favourite georgia!

our purpose? in life? one i am always pondering...funny how one day you just start to wonder. hmmm...

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a great use of time to me! I haven't cooked for three weeks now :)

Hey Lady! said...

Your purpose? To inspire others and be inspired by others...

Or just to make my brother happier then we all thought he could be, to be the sister I never had, to be the loving and caring person you are...

Just a couple of thoughts, whatever your purpose, I'm blessed you're here.

Vista Gal said...

Hey Georgia!
SURPRISE!! You win a photograph from Beverly Cottage!
I ordered my business cards for Bella Italia, and Dreams of far away.
You might want to wait until the series is finished.
Keep am look out for new posts on the rest of the trip!
Ciao! ~Missy

Celestial said...

Oh such a sweet kitty!

Hope you had yet another wonderful weekend.