Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anniversary Dinner


Sunday evening we got to spend a little time, just the two of us. Buca was our choice for our anniversary dinner and they did not disappoint. My eggplant parmesan was more than I had words for. Seriously. Good. I think it's my favorite Italian dish (to date - there is a lot of food out there that I haven't tried). Our server, being the hip gal she was, said she was going to bring us a cupcake 'on the house.' Ok so she brought it and my eyes almost popped out of my head because it was a giant funfetti cupcake with whipped cream icing and glorious rainbow sprinkles. It was legit people.

Billy, being the awesome guy he is, bought me New Moon as an anniversary gift. You better believe we went strait home to watch it! Haha he fell asleep twice, but I was too into it to care.

To my husband Billy - I never get tired of you, or wish you'd go away. I never feel like I made a mistake, ever. You are seriously my other half. Thank you for a wonderful evening, it was perfect in every way. You are the best I've ever met, love.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Highlight of My Week

This last week my sister in law came to town, from Austin. We hardly ever get to see each other, usually every other Christmas and maybe another once or twice a year. Thats her in the blue - on our way out to enjoy an evening dinner. Witty, funny, smokin' beautiful, compassionate and true - just a few of the things I love about her.
There is never enough time to visit her, but I love every second I do get.
Like two very goofy peas in a pod...

I miss you already Heather. Seriously miss you! And I am forever grateful for Google Chat - it's like you're always just right there. So until next time...
All my love,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary {Year Four}

April 22. It's our anniversary, love. Remember how it was so cold that day? And it sprinkled the whole time I drove out alone to the wedding site - on the verge of tears about the possibility of rain. I did my makeup with no one in the room. I wanted to be alone. I wasn't nervous, and I don't think you were either. It was the best decision we ever made. I know you'd agree that there are so many things we don't remember happening that day. But I do remember some things, like the expression on your face when you saw me, the cake we smashed into each others faces, did I mention already how cold it was?
Not cold enough - our hearts were very warm. Still are, still very much are. It was an exciting day, I remember that.

I love you Billy... man, I sure do.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Own Liberty of London

So... yeah. Liberty of London for Target. This is not new, I know you all know this, but I have been slacking on posting these shoes! I have had them for weeks, but didn't want to get them dirty before I could snap a picture - my ONLY Liberty purchase. I know, I know - how could I resist some of this stuff you say? It's hard, so hard. The knotted strap on these is just so fantastic.

I know some of you snagged up some sweet stuff - like Elizabeth in all her Liberty glory. You should check out her sweet finds - the coat, oh the coat. There are a couple other things I have had my eye on still, like that green peacock print top and some of the scarves...

I want to see what you all got! Put a link in the comments if you would like, and I will check it out.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I Really Want {Part 1}

Every girl has a list of things she adores, items on a waiting list to be added to her wardrobe. These are some necklaces that have been on my list. Hope you like some of them too.
Black Oval Necklace | dryan327

Marichelle Lace Necklace | whiteowl

Oh Happy Day Necklace | littlejardin

Royal Peacock Locket | birdsNbees

Red Sunshine Gold Angel Wing Necklace | dryan327

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Market Blooms

Saturday farmers markets are one of the best uses of Saturday time. You walk, you breathe deep, pretty things catch your glance. If you shut your eyes you can smell strawberries and herbs, grapefruit and cherry juice. It's like kicking all the big stores in the backside and sending them on home. Farmer's Markets are special, people take their time to peruse, often not on any sort of mission at all.
The Spring blooms always catch my eye. Every shade between red and yellow, and that's just the ranunculas. Sometimes I wonder if the flower farmers stop to think about how much joy people like me get out of a simple bouquet of flowers - blooming brilliant colors for a week, maybe two, in vases of milk glass.
Special Saturdays, holding hands, strolling with my loved one - the Farmer's Market is the place for me. It can be a romantic stroll for two, a treasure hunt for others, and a simple tag along outing for pony-tailed little girls. A place for noticing new things, getting back to food fresh from the picking, seeing a community wake up from a sleepy Saturday morning --- throw off the calico sheets and feather blankets! Dress yourself and come outside, all bright and early. Yes, these are the things I love about the farmer's market.
I took some of these home, how could I resist?

Beauty in tangibility.

Hope your weekend was satisfying -


Friday, April 9, 2010


Friday already? What happened to the week?! I looked up and it's already April 9th. Almost time for some more weekend fun. I thought I should share some Easter shots with you before any more time passes...
The cake- I mentioned making this rum-chocolate cake about a week ago, so I made it and brought it over for Easter dinner at my mom and dad's. It turned out beautifully (after I finally got it to come out, te-he, I forgot to butter the pan). The recipe was from an incredible blog I have been reading; Pastry Studio. The glaze was so good I am going to make it again just to drizzle over ice cream - butter, brown sugar, heavy cream, rum and vanilla. Delectable!
The sun shined for us this Easter; the next day it rained all day. So sweet and full of memories to keep- family, friends, games, and food. Enjoying life because it is a gift, and it is just so short.

Hope your Easter was full of fond memories too.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2nd Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter Sunday we had our 2nd annual adult egg hunt. Don't you laugh cuz you know you would join if you could. My sister started the tradition last year after complaints of missing out on hunts as a child. Well we all love a good competition, and this hunt is no less competitive. And wouldn't you know she won with 22 eggs in her basket - she beat out my brother Cole, who is a master egg collector. Our own Alice joined us this year; I bet she didn't know what she was getting into. Hope you enjoy these pictures, some of them just make me laugh out loud!
Be back soon with more pictures of Easter goodies...


Friday, April 2, 2010

Making Hot Cross Buns {On Good Friday}

Hot Cross Buns! I made them! I had never used the breadmaker before, so it was sort of an experiment. They turned out awesome though, despite me not having any clue what I was doing. The dough mixture called for cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves - so delightful to see this instead of the dry and very bland version I am sure we all have tried over the years from various Dutch bakeries.
I thought they were very appropriate for a Good Friday breakfast treat. Upon reflection of the significance of Good Friday, I can't help but marvel at the sacrifice that was made for me. And you. And all of us.