Friday, April 9, 2010


Friday already? What happened to the week?! I looked up and it's already April 9th. Almost time for some more weekend fun. I thought I should share some Easter shots with you before any more time passes...
The cake- I mentioned making this rum-chocolate cake about a week ago, so I made it and brought it over for Easter dinner at my mom and dad's. It turned out beautifully (after I finally got it to come out, te-he, I forgot to butter the pan). The recipe was from an incredible blog I have been reading; Pastry Studio. The glaze was so good I am going to make it again just to drizzle over ice cream - butter, brown sugar, heavy cream, rum and vanilla. Delectable!
The sun shined for us this Easter; the next day it rained all day. So sweet and full of memories to keep- family, friends, games, and food. Enjoying life because it is a gift, and it is just so short.

Hope your Easter was full of fond memories too.



Celestial said...

Lovely pictures. You're so beautiful! And that rum cake sounds do delicious. Hmm...maybe I should go have breakfast, hehe.

Elizabeth said...

Great photos! I laughed and had a great time reading your other post, with the egg hunt!! Too cute :)

Pamela said...

Man Georgia that cake looks good :) The picture of you is beautiful too!

Hey Lady! said...

Delicious! I love the pictures, I assume you took them, good job.

leya said...

gorgeous photos, lady! the reflection in the wine glass is really sweet.