Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Highlight of My Week

This last week my sister in law came to town, from Austin. We hardly ever get to see each other, usually every other Christmas and maybe another once or twice a year. Thats her in the blue - on our way out to enjoy an evening dinner. Witty, funny, smokin' beautiful, compassionate and true - just a few of the things I love about her.
There is never enough time to visit her, but I love every second I do get.
Like two very goofy peas in a pod...

I miss you already Heather. Seriously miss you! And I am forever grateful for Google Chat - it's like you're always just right there. So until next time...
All my love,


Hey Lady! said...

You are the sweetest one! I totally miss you already! I had so much fun hanging out and talking!

I wish air travel was cheaper I'd visit far more often!

Love you my darling!

Melissa Allam said...

It's hard when we don't get to see family that we like to be around that often. Nice that you got to spend some time with her. Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with me today.

Elizabeth said...

How sweet!! If only my sister in law was that fun to be around! Mine has been not very fun to be around from the day I met her in 1981! We have been married for 27 years in June, and it still goes on.

So, it is so nice to see in-laws get along and actually want to hang out with.