Sunday, April 11, 2010

Market Blooms

Saturday farmers markets are one of the best uses of Saturday time. You walk, you breathe deep, pretty things catch your glance. If you shut your eyes you can smell strawberries and herbs, grapefruit and cherry juice. It's like kicking all the big stores in the backside and sending them on home. Farmer's Markets are special, people take their time to peruse, often not on any sort of mission at all.
The Spring blooms always catch my eye. Every shade between red and yellow, and that's just the ranunculas. Sometimes I wonder if the flower farmers stop to think about how much joy people like me get out of a simple bouquet of flowers - blooming brilliant colors for a week, maybe two, in vases of milk glass.
Special Saturdays, holding hands, strolling with my loved one - the Farmer's Market is the place for me. It can be a romantic stroll for two, a treasure hunt for others, and a simple tag along outing for pony-tailed little girls. A place for noticing new things, getting back to food fresh from the picking, seeing a community wake up from a sleepy Saturday morning --- throw off the calico sheets and feather blankets! Dress yourself and come outside, all bright and early. Yes, these are the things I love about the farmer's market.
I took some of these home, how could I resist?

Beauty in tangibility.

Hope your weekend was satisfying -



erika said...

I love ranunculas... one of my favorites after sweet peas and your pictures are lovely. I am glad you took some home to enjoy<3

Elizabeth said...

This is sad/funny, but I only go to the farmers market just to get flowers! I never buy anything else, because I'm so lazy to get my produce there. So, I totally get how happy the flowers make you feel.

I lived in Paris for two years, and buying flowers for your home was something you just did, like buying food, flowers feed the soul. Even in pricey Paris, the flowers were dirt cheap, and oh the variety! I would come home with arm loads of flowers, and I was in heaven. When I got back to the States, the flowers were so much more expensive, it made me sad. I still buy them anyway.

Sorry this is so long, I just love flowers and your post was wonderful and full of eye candy :)

The Dreaming Bear said...

Those flowers are to die for! They look like delicate tissue paper! We are blessed with a fabulous farmer's market in our city will start up in a few weeks though....can't wait! Our son LOVES to go with us!

Vista Gal said...

i was there on saturday and picked up a beautiful bouquet for my table. So sorry that I missed you!