Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Own Liberty of London

So... yeah. Liberty of London for Target. This is not new, I know you all know this, but I have been slacking on posting these shoes! I have had them for weeks, but didn't want to get them dirty before I could snap a picture - my ONLY Liberty purchase. I know, I know - how could I resist some of this stuff you say? It's hard, so hard. The knotted strap on these is just so fantastic.

I know some of you snagged up some sweet stuff - like Elizabeth in all her Liberty glory. You should check out her sweet finds - the coat, oh the coat. There are a couple other things I have had my eye on still, like that green peacock print top and some of the scarves...

I want to see what you all got! Put a link in the comments if you would like, and I will check it out.



erika said...

I didn't know you bought the flip flops! I love them and they are what I have had my eye on. Also, the baby clothes! They are sooo precious. Haven't bought anything yet though:(

Celestial said...

I have to admit this is the first I've heard about it.

Checked out the clothes online. The green peacock top would look great on you!

Elizabeth said...

You know what is funny, I just saw those a couple of days ago. I never made it over to the shoes. Caitlin, my daughter, saw that they stocked up on the sleepwear. I had to hold her back from buying more, and i must say, i find myself looking at the pillows, wondering where I could put them. I did stop myself though!!!
Glad you got those at least. Does your Target still have a ton of the clothing? Ours sure does.

Melissa Allam said...

Yes, very cute shoes. I bought a few Liberty of London things myself. I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to visit in awhile either. I seem to be quite busy lately. It's even hard to just get to my own blog these days. Thank you for the sweet comments on my new blog template.

Hey Lady! said...

I never noticed that brand at Target before reading this post, now I notice it ever time I go to Target, which is a lot. 5 or so times at least since I've read this.

Now Target reminds me of you!