Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I Really Want {Part 1}

Every girl has a list of things she adores, items on a waiting list to be added to her wardrobe. These are some necklaces that have been on my list. Hope you like some of them too.
Black Oval Necklace | dryan327

Marichelle Lace Necklace | whiteowl

Oh Happy Day Necklace | littlejardin

Royal Peacock Locket | birdsNbees

Red Sunshine Gold Angel Wing Necklace | dryan327


erika said...

They are all gorgeous! It would be hard to pick which one to buy first!

Chelsea said...

Love these. If I had to choose one, I think I would have to pick the peacock. Is the first one the same designer as the heart necklace you gave me for my birthday? Which, by the way, I wear a LOT and get compliments on :) That black lace one would look so so pretty with the right dress.....

Hey Lady! said...

Oh! That last one is really interesting! Very "Steampunk". I'm sure some of these you could make your own version of, like the black one.