Saturday, May 29, 2010

Long Weekend, Cheap Thrill

Flowers next to my bed is one of my absolute favorite things. I've been trying to make it a habit. So cheery... and a cheap thrill.

Onto the weekend list:
:: Dust off beach cruiser
:: Do some snoozing
:: Eat some watermelon
:: And some dessert...

I always feel like Memorial Day weekend is like the real kickoff to summer, hope its warm where you are. Have fun and drink some lemonade -


Friday, May 28, 2010

Artistic License

I took a little artistic license with this freehand banner that I did for a baby with a secret name. It was totally inspired by one of my favorite artists and bloggers, Pam Garrison. I used to do a lot of freehand line drawing, and it was mentally rewarding to experience some of that again.
"Bonjour ma Chéri Bébé" - Hello my dear baby. Thanks to my friend Elizabeth, who helped me with the translation.

Be back soon,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Les Petits Détails {Little Details}

Ok so today is the day I get to show you the rest of the goodies from the baby shower on Sunday. I have one more post after this one to show one more thing, but it is more art related, so after that talking about the shower for le bébé will be done. I know many of you don't have kids, so I don't want to annoy you, BUT I will say, if you don't love a good excuse to partaaaay, you are lame. I kid. Anyway, I did a little pennant garland sewing as you can see above, simply fabric triangles I cut from a template I made, and some binding tape - or bias tape, whatever you prefer to call it. I've also done this kind of garland with doilies sliced in half - they are just so pretty - and SO easy.
On etsy I found some red and white striped mini paper cups for the petite little cupcakes - I ordered 100 and burnt the first 50 (ok no one told me MINI cupcakes only take like 7 minutes!). So I had to throw half away, for which I was totally bummed out. I had some white ones as back up, so at least I got to try again.
Filling for the oreo truffles... amazing...
Something fun that I thought up for the shower was to do French Sodas. I bought a couple different bottles of flavored syrup from Starbucks (yes, anyone can go there to get them), some sparkling water and cream to top them off. We set up a little French Soda station with step by step instructions so guests could make French Sodas to their heart's content. They were a hit!
And the red and white striped straws I bought on etsy were the perfect little thing to top them off...
Some of the group playing a game...
This quilt was definitely not something I made, but I had to show it anyway. Erika's mom Missy made it for her - she is SO talented!!
So on to the goodies!!! I know this is what you wanted to see anyway! Here we have cream puffs dusted with confectioners sugar...
A glorious display of French macaroons... a friend of my brothers makes them to order - if anyone in the San Diego area ever wants French macaroons, you come see me:)
And the delightful little cupcakes - these were SO fun. They were not only beautiful but tasted amazing. I made a cream cheese frosting which was to die for, and tried my had for the first time ever at using metal icing tips. It was so easy! Sprinkles are one of my all time favorite party details. They are so fun and seem to bring so much charm and whim to tasty treats.
More cupcake delightfulness.... we also had chocolate dipped strawberries, Madeline cakes from a wonderful little French bakery nearby, and the oreo truffles I mentioned above, which were topped with sprinkles (of course). The spread was a delight to the eyes!
So that was the shower! So many lovely little things...
And so many tasty things too... too bad these are gone.

Hope you had fun on my little baby shower tour<3

Avant la prochaine fois (until next time)

au revoir!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tulle Flowers {Oy Vey!}

Favors for showers are sometimes so hard to think of. You want something that looks nice, or tastes good, and that doesn't get thrown right in the trash. It's hard for me to think up favors anyway. A couple months ago I saw Olivia's chiffon, tulle and satin flowers, and I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do for the favors for this Frenchy baby shower. Simple right? HA! The concept itself was simple indeed: basic cutting, a little hand sewing and some hot glue. What I didn't realize was the sheer magnatude of pieces this would involve. Olivia's flowers had like 25 layers, I only did 18 and used all tulle. I figured this would be a simple little project - but oh noo I was wrong!
I know all of you who sew have had to go back to get more fabric at some point in some project you've done. After my first trip to the store with 7 yards I quickly realized I needed more than double that to make my 30 flowers. So back to the store I went... it was slow going. More tulle, more feathers, more everything. I was so discouraged after two nights of staying up till 1 or 2 am - to only realize that I had only made 14 in all that time. 14!! I almost scrapped the whole idea, I was so close to ditching it! But the idea of how cute they would be on every guest's blouse tormented me, so I kept cutting and sewing and gluing. The night before the shower I finished #30.... at 4am. I know. I am SOOO ridiculous! Sometimes I just can't get past the vision, even if the process is foolish.
But they did look pretty sweet on everyone... which made it totally worth it. And now I really know how to make layered fabric flowers:)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tickets Purchased

I bought my tickets for the Eclipse midnight premier yesterday. You may recall my posts about my past attendance to the Twilight and New Moon midnight premiers, so naturally this movie could have no exception. Jazzed is a downright understatement...

More along the lines of fireworks on the 4th of July, plus a marching band, plus a winning lottery ticket.

Yep! That's more like it!


Monday, May 24, 2010



Yeah, the weekend was that crazy! I think the baby shower sucked my brain out.

Just kidding. I am here, and alive. The baby shower was LEGIT and I cannot wait to show off some of the highlights. It was Frenchy, it was original, and most of all it was fun. All the little details combined made it just so fun. Which is exactly what I was hoping to achieve....

But it didn't all come without a price. The price was sleepiness. So sleepy in fact, after the shower I went over to a little dinner party to watch the Lost season finale. And I fell asleep 45 minutes into the show...

N'est pas bonne!

Be back soon,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bonjour! {Sweet Invitations}

I am 26, and I have 0 kids. I am 26 and have been to about 25 baby showers so far. Maybe more. I have also hosted/co-hosted 7 or 8 of them. If you have ever thrown a shower, you know that is a fair amount. All that said, I have designed a handful of baby shower invitations over the last number of years, and this one is my hands down favorite.

My best friend Erika is having her third in June, it's a girl. When racking my brain for themes and decor ideas, a modern French theme came to me, and it was just too perfect. Just picture: red and white stripes, lots of of pâtisseries, bubbly sweet beverages, garlands, and of course, flowers. I won't tell you too much YET about what I have going on, but I am excited about just about every detail that is going into this one, and will definitely be sharing the highlights here. I can't spoil everything ahead of time though, since I don't want a certain someone who reads this blog to know all the details (that means you Erika).


Friday, May 7, 2010

My New Creation {Potato Soup}

So this spring I made a lot of soup - some excellent, some... well, I won't make again. One of the soups that I tried is one I will keep and make for years to come. I found a recipe for a baked potato soup, and completely adjusted it, so in all honesty it is really my own now. It is so good I had to share it; I know several of you loved the tortilla soup I posted about a year ago. Try it once... you will be hooked, I know it.
{1} medium onion, chopped
{1-2} leeks, chopped
{2) shallots, finely chopped
{2} cloves of garlic, crushed
{3} Tbl. all purpose flour
{6-8} bacon strips, cooked and chopped
{3 Tbl} leftover bacon drippings
{1} tsp. salt
{1} tsp. dried basil
{1/2} tsp. pepper (I used white pepper)
{6} cups chicken broth
{8-10} medium sized Yukon gold potatoes, cubed
{1} cup half & half
{1) tsp. hot pepper sauce (like Tapatillo or Tabasco)
shredded cheddar cheese (for garnish)

In a large stockpot, saute the onion, shallots, garlic and leeks in the bacon drippings until tender. Stir in the flour, then the salt, basil and pepper; mix well. Gradually add the broth, and bring to a boil, stirring at a boil for about 2 minutes. Add in all the cubed potatoes, chopped bacon, cream, and hot pepper sauce. Simmer for a good 45 minutes to an hour, covered. If it looks like you need a little more broth, add a bit more, it definitely will hurt! Plate and garnish with your shedded cheddar.

Bench Notes:
When the potatoes were good and tender, I took a potato masher and pushed down on all the potatoes in the soup, until about half of them were a bit broken up. I like my potato soup to be more on the thick side, with some good substance in the broth. You can also take a stick blender to it, to break the potatoes up a bit, if you have one. I like the texture of this much better than chunks of potatoes in really thin broth.

Also, don't let the idea of cooking with bacon drippings scare you. It REALLY enhances the flavor overall, and should not be missed. The dried basil is a key ingredient in this, so are the Yukon gold potatoes. Yukon golds are one of, if not the most creamy potatoes you can buy. Any other potato would not have the smooth creamy potato texture that you should get out of this soup. Russets are very grainy, you definitely should skip out on those.

And as with most soups, this one really tastes even better the next day. You could totally make this the day before serving it and just heat it back up in a pot. Paired with a piece of baguette - and maybe a little salad, and you have a wonderful meal!


I hope you enjoy! We sure did.