Thursday, May 27, 2010

Les Petits Détails {Little Details}

Ok so today is the day I get to show you the rest of the goodies from the baby shower on Sunday. I have one more post after this one to show one more thing, but it is more art related, so after that talking about the shower for le bébé will be done. I know many of you don't have kids, so I don't want to annoy you, BUT I will say, if you don't love a good excuse to partaaaay, you are lame. I kid. Anyway, I did a little pennant garland sewing as you can see above, simply fabric triangles I cut from a template I made, and some binding tape - or bias tape, whatever you prefer to call it. I've also done this kind of garland with doilies sliced in half - they are just so pretty - and SO easy.
On etsy I found some red and white striped mini paper cups for the petite little cupcakes - I ordered 100 and burnt the first 50 (ok no one told me MINI cupcakes only take like 7 minutes!). So I had to throw half away, for which I was totally bummed out. I had some white ones as back up, so at least I got to try again.
Filling for the oreo truffles... amazing...
Something fun that I thought up for the shower was to do French Sodas. I bought a couple different bottles of flavored syrup from Starbucks (yes, anyone can go there to get them), some sparkling water and cream to top them off. We set up a little French Soda station with step by step instructions so guests could make French Sodas to their heart's content. They were a hit!
And the red and white striped straws I bought on etsy were the perfect little thing to top them off...
Some of the group playing a game...
This quilt was definitely not something I made, but I had to show it anyway. Erika's mom Missy made it for her - she is SO talented!!
So on to the goodies!!! I know this is what you wanted to see anyway! Here we have cream puffs dusted with confectioners sugar...
A glorious display of French macaroons... a friend of my brothers makes them to order - if anyone in the San Diego area ever wants French macaroons, you come see me:)
And the delightful little cupcakes - these were SO fun. They were not only beautiful but tasted amazing. I made a cream cheese frosting which was to die for, and tried my had for the first time ever at using metal icing tips. It was so easy! Sprinkles are one of my all time favorite party details. They are so fun and seem to bring so much charm and whim to tasty treats.
More cupcake delightfulness.... we also had chocolate dipped strawberries, Madeline cakes from a wonderful little French bakery nearby, and the oreo truffles I mentioned above, which were topped with sprinkles (of course). The spread was a delight to the eyes!
So that was the shower! So many lovely little things...
And so many tasty things too... too bad these are gone.

Hope you had fun on my little baby shower tour<3

Avant la prochaine fois (until next time)

au revoir!


Celestial said...

If I ever need to host a big bash I am totally hiring you and flying you out to MN. Honey this is all so beautiful!

erika said...

Ahh, I wish we could do it all over again:) You put sooo much work into making it the most lovely day ever. You are seriously the best party thrower ever and I am so thankful I get to be the recipient sometimes! And to help you the others!

Elizabeth said...

Everything looks so darling! You did a fab job, and it was such a nice out of the ordinary baby shower, which is a breath of fresh air :)

Vista Gal said...

I love all the intricate details that you took hours to plan to make this fete a big success!
Just to view it here is such a delight, and to partake, ooh,!
You are so talented and such a classy sweetheart!

Vista Gal said...

P.S. Thanks for featuring the quilt for mon cheri! Granmere

Chelsea said...

Everything came out fantastic Georgia!! I love it all :) I have made those oreo bites before but with original oreos and dipped in semi-sweet chocolate. Did you use the golden oreos like it says in the recipe?

Everything so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie, it's been a while. I have been super busy. I am so glad I came by. Love your last three posts - all the great colors and the yummy macaroons. That banner is to die for. Thanks for coming by the blog.