Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tulle Flowers {Oy Vey!}

Favors for showers are sometimes so hard to think of. You want something that looks nice, or tastes good, and that doesn't get thrown right in the trash. It's hard for me to think up favors anyway. A couple months ago I saw Olivia's chiffon, tulle and satin flowers, and I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do for the favors for this Frenchy baby shower. Simple right? HA! The concept itself was simple indeed: basic cutting, a little hand sewing and some hot glue. What I didn't realize was the sheer magnatude of pieces this would involve. Olivia's flowers had like 25 layers, I only did 18 and used all tulle. I figured this would be a simple little project - but oh noo I was wrong!
I know all of you who sew have had to go back to get more fabric at some point in some project you've done. After my first trip to the store with 7 yards I quickly realized I needed more than double that to make my 30 flowers. So back to the store I went... it was slow going. More tulle, more feathers, more everything. I was so discouraged after two nights of staying up till 1 or 2 am - to only realize that I had only made 14 in all that time. 14!! I almost scrapped the whole idea, I was so close to ditching it! But the idea of how cute they would be on every guest's blouse tormented me, so I kept cutting and sewing and gluing. The night before the shower I finished #30.... at 4am. I know. I am SOOO ridiculous! Sometimes I just can't get past the vision, even if the process is foolish.
But they did look pretty sweet on everyone... which made it totally worth it. And now I really know how to make layered fabric flowers:)



Chelsea said...

Your hard work paid off lady....these are lovely!

Chelsea said...

i am the same way with finishing an idea when it comes to my crafts. sleep- who needs it? my creativity is at its best around 3am...
you're hard work was worth it. they are just beautiful and i bet a big hit! i just made a hairpiece out of tulle the other day and it was not easy [AT ALL] great job!!! :)

erika said...

They were beautiful. I think everyone will be reusing them in some fashion. Wish I could've helped you make them! Thanks for the labor of love<3

Madeline said...

sooo pretty!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, those are adorable!! I would have done the same thing. Cursing the whole way, but knowing if I just pushed it, it would be worth the effort.
You better show us more pictures of the shower btw!

The Dreaming Bear said...

Those are adorable!!! And so many things one can do with a tulle flower!!! Great idea!! Sometimes execution of the scheme is murder, isn't it?! Ha!

Vista Gal said...

Oh, my gosh!!!
They are so lovely, and I will treasure mine!!!!
Merci Beacoup!