Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I < 3 Ribbon

Ahhh!! The Fairy Festival is coming! Something I haven't talked too much about here - I have no idea why, cuz its totally not a secret. I signed up to be a vendor at a Fairy Festival (for little girls) that our local botanic garden is hosting (June 19). I am really excited as this is my first EVER Modern Crush event! My booth will be filled with fairy wands, fairy rings/bells and felt hair clips. So it is a week and a half away, and I am feeling good overall about my progress, but we will see after this weekend since we are going up to San Luis Obispo for my bro's graduation. I will for sure be bringing things to work on. But I can see getting so easily distracted... especially since he is convinced we are going bar hopping at 6am on Saturday morning. Haha, right!

My camera lens broke a couple weeks ago, so I have been using the only other lens I have, which is a zoom lens. These pictures are less than desirable to me since I had to stand like 10 feet back before taking them. Good thing my sister is willing to share her Nikon with me for the Fairy Festival... if I was camera-less I think I would dissolve into a pile of... fairy dust.
A giant pile of the felt hair clips - these were fun! I had my little lightweight wood drafting board out, so I could just chill on the sofa while I cut and glued. Now if only I could just do that every day...



Pamela said...

I love the color in this post Georgia!

erika said...

Oh, I want to go! I hope we can:) I want some of the fairy felt hair clips for my little fairy!

Vista Gal said...

I want to be a fairie!!
Shall I wear my "CROWN" and be a "Fairie Queen"???

Celestial said...

Oh I am so excited for you! Wish I could be there bringing my nieces (I'm an auntie to all my friend's little girls) to see you.