Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Fairy Festival!

The Fairy Festival was fantastic! It was my first attempt at a booth - anywhere. I was literally running on empty the morning of the festival, having slept 2 hours the night before, and 4 or so the three nights before that. It was, in my eyes worth every bit after I saw all the little girls start to show up. They were so sweet, every one of them! For your enjoyment I have a good bundle of images here of how the booth was set up and what was for sale. Next time I would do a lot of things differently, but I guess I had to get my feet wet. It was a great first attempt and I sold about half of what I brought, which was good!
My husband is one of a kind... he stayed with me all day to be of assistance. Giant SMOOCH. And he brought me a Jamba Juice and that doughnut with sprinkles - the man gets it people!
wands wands wands wands and yes please, more wands
fairy ring bells - what every mother will regret purchasing when they get home - cuz they have bells! Who knew they would be my most popular item?!
adorable times 20 gadgillion smillion
homemade fabric banners from my fabric stash, I got a lot of people actually wanting to buy these.
a very frilly and eye-catching canopy - much as how I hoped it would turn out
felt hair clips, for the most adorable little fairies
And then I took a 12 hour snooze.

Thank you for all of your sweet words leading up to the festival day. I hope to definitely be doing more of this!



Tisra said...

Selling half your stuff is usually considered a complete win at these things! Well done and SUPER CUTE!!!

Aaron and Katie said...

Yipee! I think it looked fabulous! Way to go. What would you do different net time?

amy @ switz~art said...

Georgia!!! That is fantastic! I am with Tisra...selling half! Incredible! Your booth was phenomenal! Thanks for sharing your pics!

Modern Crush said...

Thank you ladies!! Such encouragement! Well as Katie asked, I would have done a few things different - for one, I really needed a white tent, and not blue. While the blue was eye-catching I felt that it gave everything a blue tint - you can see some of this in the pictures. I would really rather have decorations be the eye catching thing, not the tent itself.

Also, the wood rectangles on the tables had chicken wire over the tops, so that we could stick the wands in and they would stand up. The chicken wire was too large and the wands would NOT stand up! The boxes Billy made were kind of useless at that point.

Lastly, one thing that I can think of right away is a big sign that says something like "Modern Crush, Favors & Fancies." Something that let people know who I was. I had business cards, but I really could have used a sign!!

thefabledneedle (jen) said...

selling half your loot is pretty darn good, that's wonderful! i hope you find that encouraging and get out there more :)

Chelsea said...

oh Georgia I just love it all. What a great way first experience, and you did such a great job like you said...getting your feet wet! I especially loved the wands, but everything was so adorable and well done. Were there a lot of other venders? Or only a few?

Celestial said...

Love. I grew up going to craft shows with my mom, so I understand all too well the late nights and set up/take down. I'm glad you had a wonderful time and that you sold a good amount of product. Those fairy ring bells are adorbs! (well, so is everything else really)

p.s. check your e-mail

Vista Gal said...

You aalways have such wonderful ideas!!

Elizabeth said...

what a magical looking little booth you had! I like all the goodies you were selling, and great news that you sold a lot. I want one of the rings with the bells, and one of the hair clips :)