Monday, June 7, 2010

Mumford & Sons!

Last night we had the awesome privilege to go see London's Mumford & Sons at the Belly Up in Solana Beach. LEGIT. They were incredible - totally mesmerizing to watch. If you have a few minutes to check out some of their songs on youtube you should. Marcus said thank you to us about a thousand times - I don't think I have ever seen such humble guys up on stage before. Between every song there was some kind of compliment given to us about the city, or the hospitality thereof, or his sound men, or his roadies... we even got an encore out of those Brits after about 8 minutes of shouting, stomping and whistling. Ya!

Australian band Middle East was on before Mumford, who were pretty awesome as well. For their last song all the guys in Mumford & Sons came up on the stage to play with them - there were SO many musicians up there! The sound was epic -all of it made the fact that it was past my bed time totally worth staying up for:)


Maggie said...

I saw them in LA on Friday night at the music box. I concur with everything stated! They're SO sweet! Marcus walked through the crowd before the show and touched my shoulder, I regressed to about 12 years old, and stated that I could die happy. 2nd time seeing them, and they're just as impressive with every show.

Modern Crush said...

Hahahah awesome! He touched your shoulder... never wash that shoulder again! xo

Chelsea said...

I had never heard of them and just started listening since you posted this and I LOVE them!! Wow! How did you hear about them? Do you have a favorite song? I have listened to about half the album so far online and really enjoyed everything so far! Thanks Georgia!

Maggie said...

I will NEVER! <3

Celestial said...

Ooh...must go listen.