Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Warning: This Post is About My Brother

Congratulations to my brother Cole! Our trip up to San Luis Obispo was a ton of fun - food, sights, hikes, and some good relaxing. I am so proud of my brother, and not just cuz he is a mechanical engineering brainiac, or that he graduated with a whole slew of honors, but because he is a thoughtful and considerate human being. He deserves his accomplishments because he really gave the effort. He has always inspired me to try harder and think smarter. I love you Cole! And the party after the graduation was legit too:)



Elizabeth said...

I love graduations! I think I may be the only one that likes to sit through the speeches and the calling of all the names. I worked hard to get through college, so I can appreciate them I suppose.
Your brother sure is a cutie!! He will be a wonderful catch for some lucky girl, if he isn't already taken ;) Looks and brains, great combo!

Congrats to your brother!!!

amy @ switz~art said...

Woohoo! Congrats, Cole!

Love the slipped in pic of the keg! Haha!

You look super fab, as per usual!

Aaron and Katie said...

Wow I didn't realize was so tall compared to you and your sister! Crazy! He is still 8 to me I guess.

Celestial said...

Way to go bother! Or...um...brother :)

He is super tall!

Celestial said...

p.s. just saw this post and thought you might like it.


Modern Crush said...

Haha I never really thought about how tall he is! 6'2" as I recall! Celeste - I LOVE the crepe paper ideas!! Thank you!!

Hey Lady! said...

Cole is the member of your family I know the least, I think I've met him, maybe twice?

That is awesome he graduated! Congratulate him for me! That's awesome! What's next for him?