Sunday, June 20, 2010

XXI Love

So yeah, San Luis Obispo. It's about time that I posted about our trip up for my brother's graduation from Cal Poly, which was already a week and some ago. BUT FIRST - I have to tell you about the Forever 21 they have there. Get ready for this :::: 100,000 square feet of Forever 21 madness! Can you imagine?? I had no idea myself, what that could possible be like, so we had to take a little look see...
Here we are, outside this old Gottschalk's department store, now turned 21.
I cut and pasted two pictures together so you could get to see the size of the side of this store. Crazy!
So crazy, it was like our birthdays, plus easter, and the fourth of july too - all mixed in together. There might as well have been rainbow brite riding on the back of a unicorn in there, with a backpack full of cash and a plate of chocolate cake just for us - it was that thrilling.
Ahhh!! Excitement!
So here we are, the entrance. The Heritage section was huge, which is my favorite FXXI line. Everything there was just so darling, I had to keep pinching myself to remember that I had a budget to adhere to. Booo, suckage. I tied so much on, but had to narrow it down. Two dresses, a top, headband and a pair of super skinny jeans. To be honest, the store was a little too big. There was just so much to see, it was hard to even know where to look. But, considering what my sister and I came away with, it was worth it!


Celestial said...

You are so adorable. I honestly can't remember the last time I stepped into a Forever 21. That one in SLO is huge!

Aaron and Katie said...

Super fun! Love it!

Elizabeth said...

Fun!! The one in San Francisco is three stories in an old bank building, lots of fun, but crazy busy. Ours out our way, is small, but they are turning it into a huge one starting this fall. My daughter is so excited! Her community college is within walking distance of it, so I"m sure it will be fun for her to go to in between classes. Did you buy lots of goods.

erika said...

Too funny! It looks like you had the place to yourselves as well! Much better than Gottschalks. That place needed to go. Can SLO get any cooler?? I saw your dress on Sunday and it is totally cute.

Chelsea said...

Is it bigger than the one in San Francisco? You were suuuuper excited when we went in that one too. Plus there were the sign guys outside! :)

Chelsea said...

I LOVE that store! I like the one down here in Horton Plaza. you, me and dino should check it out some time;)
I had a similar experience in an H&M in vienna. There were about 7 within walking distance, but I remember finding the ultimate H&M...let's just say it was an issue with my bank account.

amy @ switz~art said...

Dude, that store is HUGE!!!!! You were not kidding around!