Saturday, July 31, 2010

B to the E to the A R D

I recently attended a Murder Mystery party, in which I was assigned a character - Otto Van Schnapps. A jolly German fellow, wine connoisseur, and the head of an underground art theft ring. To get the full effect needed to make a beard. And what a beard it was!
Oh yessss you likey my beard, do you? So niceeee.....
Woahhhh!!!.... too much beard

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Learning to be Positive

So, last week something special happened. Ok, well maybe not special, because that would be sarcastic, but some things happened. All three of our cats had something happen/go wrong with their bodies. One required surgery, another medication, and the third --- a 5 am bath.

Initially I was going to write this post and just give you the facts - what happened, why it sucked, etc. But waiting a week to write it gave me some perspective on what happened, and caused me to look at things in a more positive light. So instead of sharing these stories with you in a 'woe is me' tone, I am going to simply state what happened, and the positives surrounding each event. Trying to teach myself not to be so down about stuff.

Jonah: This kitty is a lover, but a fighter. He is tough, and big, and orange! While he is a love bug indoors, he holds his ground outside. Living in a condo means there are lots of cats that come around looking to fight. One night we noticed a patch on his back that sounded like liquid was inside - an abscess. Off to the vet he went, for some simple fix, we hoped. Nope! Surgery was in the cards for this cat! Things are fun when you take Jonah to the vet, cuz you see the vets rate the cats for "feistyness" - he gets a whooping 9 of 10! This means he gets loaded into a gas induction chamber for his anesthesia - no shots for that monster. P.S. This surgery is very very expensive.

The Positives: The surgery was textbook, and there were no complications and it was a bit easier because the abscess hadn't actually burst yet. He is a champ when it comes to taking his meds. He is so funny to watch cruzing around with the plastic Elizabethan collar on his head. He has a humorous strut, and his entire back is shaved so he looks funny. Plus, he is an old pro, as you may remember he had this same surgery just after Christmas for the abscess that burst on his cheek (yes, that was only 6 months ago). The best thing was that when he went in to get the drainage tubes taken out of his back, he did not fuss, so they did not need to load him into the anesthesia gas chamber. Woo! We got a $43 credit for this!

Mary Jane: Jane is a lady. Sometimes when she lays down, she crosses her little feet. We knew something was wrong when this little lady was going in and out of the litter box every 20 minutes or so. She looked like she was trying to go potty but could not. I bet she did not appreciate my constant attention to her litter box time. What a nosy mother! Also we noticed a change in behavior. She was not sleeping in our bed, and she was avoiding us. We wondered if she had a bladder infection, so off to the vet she went. I was hoping it wasn't stones... or worse, bad kidneys.

The Positives: The credit we got for Jonah almost covered the whole exam fee. BONUS! Thanks Jonah! They did a urinalysis on her, gave her a couple shots and sent her home with antibiotics. We had to wait the whole weekend to find out the results. Tick tock, I do not like to wait! I worried about stones, about kidneys, about everything. Oh please say its a bladder infection! Pleeeease! Yes! What's that you say Dr.? No stones? Mild bacteria? Praise Jesus! Sincerely, praise Him. It could have been so much worse, and so much more expensive. Two weeks of antibiotics and a checkup later and we should be all better. I have my snugly little kitteh back.

Jesse: The Bear. Sunshine Bear. Lazy Bear. I like to think up adjectives or nouns and insert them before his name. The night before we took Jonah in for his surgery we heard a horrible cat screams at about 5 am. Billy went outside to investigate and there was Jesse, soaking wet and filthy. He had just been victim to a neighborhood bully cat, and the early morning sprinklers. Not being much of a fighter you could tell he took a beating. In fact, he was so scared he pooped, and it was all over his back legs and tail. YAY! We started to wipe him down but quickly realized a bath in the tub was the only solution. So that's what we did. Gave a cat a bath in the tub at 5 am. He was good, thank the Lord. So then as I was toweling him off I noticed a gash on his back, then another, and another, and another. They were everywhere. Out came the hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls, and the cleaning of wounds began. Then I had to take a shower and attempt to fall back asleep before I had to get up for work one hour later.

The Positives: I didn't have to take a shower when I got up to go to work. I practiced washing someone poopy, and I got to hone my cat bathing skills. We got to prune (or hack) the tree in the patio that he had been climbing to get out at night. Plus a new rule was established: no more going out at night! Everyone is on lock-down, no excuses. They always have excuses. I don't know why we didn't have this rule in place before. The last positive, is that Jesse is the most docile of the three, which means he was the easiest to bathe and pour hydrogen peroxide on. Beautiful!

I hope you have enjoyed the tale of the three mischief makers. If you have made it down this far in my post, you either love cats or love me. I am glad I thought to look at the positives instead of dwell on the negatives. Everyone seems to be healing up, although no one is allowed outside, for like... ever!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Bracelets - Color Me!


I've been working on a few new things for my etsy shop. Bracelets and headbands have been in the works. The bracelets are fantastic, totally one of a kind and full of color! The cluster of rosettes is tied on with the silky satin ribbons that hang from each side. I coated them in a clear varnish so that they would be extra strong and wouldn't tear. These two are up in my etsy shop.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pretty Pretty


We stopped at a store in Solvang that I had never been to, Picket Fences. Now, my home is totally not shabby chic, but I do have an appreciation for it somehow. I love elements of it but I don't choose it for my own home because I know Billy would throw a fit. He already throws a fit about our home decor, although I think it is a nice mix between Pottery Barn and Anthro. Home decor has always been a touchy subject between he and I. I have friends who's husbands have told them to do whatever they want. The problem with us is Billy wants a say, but doesn't usually have very attractive solutions. Months ago we had an argument, you'd never believe, about how he felt that the house was "mine." That if it were up to him he would live with hardly anything, and would even be fine with a light bulb taped to the wall. I promptly burst into tears. I don't know what the man expects, really. Perhaps plaid and a heaping pile of dirt next to his bed would be his thing. Then maybe he could get pet snakes again, and keep them in some shanty man cave. And shower like every third day, shoot, maybe even once a week. Over my dead body.

So yes, the goodies inside Picket Fences were loved by me. I even hear some oohs and aahs from him as we perused, so I asked, "do you like this style, love? Would you be ok with more of this in our house?" He looked at me and replied "Hell no."

I hope you like these photos I snapped while I walked around the store, cuz the moral of this story is that's pretty much all I will ever see of them either!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hooray for Celeste!

Dear Celeste,
I got a package in the mail from you, and I tore right into it. I knew there was something amazing inside, so I just couldn't wait. Wouldn't you know I have always desired - SLEEVES! I love love love them. Sincerely generous. Your knitting skills are a mystery to me, since I have none. They fit perfectly, of course, how lucky we are the same size. I promise I will take excellent care of them. And your creativity with the garlands, a gift. It makes me a little crazy to think that you perused paper thinking of 'me' - colors that you thought said 'Georgia.' What an honor. And truth be told, you hit the mark, because I can tell you I have a couple of those paper patterns in my paper stash (!!!). I have the garlands hanging in the living room already, out of kitty's reach of course. They will be well loved and carefully stored. And the note cards (not pictured) I would have totally picked them out, and have already dug into that stash. Thank you for letting me use your pictures for this post too, since I still haven't replaced my camera lens. You rock, Minnesota girl, who kind of looks like me. We were meant to be friends, I am convinced of it.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Holiday


It's nice to have a Monday off from work. I can do a little of my own work...

Hope your July 4th was memorable, (and please excuse the cat bottom above).


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Solvang! In the Summer!

On our way back home from San Luis Obispo we stopped in the little Dutch town, Solvang. I have visited Solvang before, and it was just as charming as ever. One thing about Solvang, it is HOT there this time of year, the Central Valley of California has no mercy. Of course I had to visit my favorite store there - Jule Hus. Everything is Christmas inside Jule Hus, and a large majority being Scandinavian, which I love.
Whenever I travel I try to bring home a special Christmas ornament to remember the trip by. That way my Christmas tree is filled with memories of trips and people, and not just stuff from the shelves of my overpicked Target. Finding an ornament in Solvang is easy, because they have the Jule Hus! My ornament picks this year - a hand painted matryoshka egg and a bundle of sweet little forest mushrooms. These will make a very sweet contribution to my Christmas tree full of memories, when I look at them I will always think of my brother's graduation and the fun I had with my husband and sister driving up the coast of California to see him.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Songbird

July 1st. The first of July is always the true first day of Summer in my book. Maybe it's because June on the coast in San Diego can get be so gloomy. "June Gloom" as we call it. July is marvelous though - it's when the days really start to warm up and you have to turn on the fan in the evenings. If it were up to me to write a definition for the dictionary on the word July I would have many things to include -

:: homemade ice cream
:: nightgowns
:: evening songbirds
:: fireworks
:: sunshine
:: ice cold tea with lemon
:: eating outside
:: summer dresses and ponytails

I have to say that some other months have caught my fancy - the turning of the leaves in October, the novel Southern California rain in March, but still July is my prized month. I am glad you are here July, xo.