Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hooray for Celeste!

Dear Celeste,
I got a package in the mail from you, and I tore right into it. I knew there was something amazing inside, so I just couldn't wait. Wouldn't you know I have always desired - SLEEVES! I love love love them. Sincerely generous. Your knitting skills are a mystery to me, since I have none. They fit perfectly, of course, how lucky we are the same size. I promise I will take excellent care of them. And your creativity with the garlands, a gift. It makes me a little crazy to think that you perused paper thinking of 'me' - colors that you thought said 'Georgia.' What an honor. And truth be told, you hit the mark, because I can tell you I have a couple of those paper patterns in my paper stash (!!!). I have the garlands hanging in the living room already, out of kitty's reach of course. They will be well loved and carefully stored. And the note cards (not pictured) I would have totally picked them out, and have already dug into that stash. Thank you for letting me use your pictures for this post too, since I still haven't replaced my camera lens. You rock, Minnesota girl, who kind of looks like me. We were meant to be friends, I am convinced of it.



erika said...

They are gorgeous! I can't wait to see you wearing them. And the garlands... lovely! What a treat!

Celestial said...

Dearest, the honor is completely mine in having such a lovely and wonderful recipient. I am beyond thrilled that you love it all. And I'm completely stoked that I picked out some of the same paper patterns as you! You are correct, totally meant to be.


Chelsea said...

So cute! LOVE the garlands :) Do you guys know each other from the fav things swap?

Elizabeth said...

Hi there!

Ladies in France shave. They have all these cool products that we don't have. I think back in the day perhaps they didn't, but I never saw any hairy legs or armpits that I recall :)