Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Songbird

July 1st. The first of July is always the true first day of Summer in my book. Maybe it's because June on the coast in San Diego can get be so gloomy. "June Gloom" as we call it. July is marvelous though - it's when the days really start to warm up and you have to turn on the fan in the evenings. If it were up to me to write a definition for the dictionary on the word July I would have many things to include -

:: homemade ice cream
:: nightgowns
:: evening songbirds
:: fireworks
:: sunshine
:: ice cold tea with lemon
:: eating outside
:: summer dresses and ponytails

I have to say that some other months have caught my fancy - the turning of the leaves in October, the novel Southern California rain in March, but still July is my prized month. I am glad you are here July, xo.


Elizabeth said...

Happy July! Your list is great, and really does fit the month of July.
I'm not a fan of August though, how about you?

Hey Lady! said...

It's also the month that brought us you, right?

Vista Gal said...

Let those fabulous summer days begin to fill the mind of memories future and days gone by!

Modern Crush said...

I do love august too, however I think July is always more fun:) August is always warmer in SoCal, it seems, which I love. Come September I always find myself looking forward to Autumn. xo