Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pretty Pretty


We stopped at a store in Solvang that I had never been to, Picket Fences. Now, my home is totally not shabby chic, but I do have an appreciation for it somehow. I love elements of it but I don't choose it for my own home because I know Billy would throw a fit. He already throws a fit about our home decor, although I think it is a nice mix between Pottery Barn and Anthro. Home decor has always been a touchy subject between he and I. I have friends who's husbands have told them to do whatever they want. The problem with us is Billy wants a say, but doesn't usually have very attractive solutions. Months ago we had an argument, you'd never believe, about how he felt that the house was "mine." That if it were up to him he would live with hardly anything, and would even be fine with a light bulb taped to the wall. I promptly burst into tears. I don't know what the man expects, really. Perhaps plaid and a heaping pile of dirt next to his bed would be his thing. Then maybe he could get pet snakes again, and keep them in some shanty man cave. And shower like every third day, shoot, maybe even once a week. Over my dead body.

So yes, the goodies inside Picket Fences were loved by me. I even hear some oohs and aahs from him as we perused, so I asked, "do you like this style, love? Would you be ok with more of this in our house?" He looked at me and replied "Hell no."

I hope you like these photos I snapped while I walked around the store, cuz the moral of this story is that's pretty much all I will ever see of them either!



erika said...

It is all gorgeous. I love it and I love your house. I don't think Billy gets a say if his preference is taped up light bulbs or dirt piles. Or anything animal print. He needs to leave the decorating to the master:)

Pamela said...

"I don't know what the man expects, really. Perhaps plaid and a heaping pile of dirt next to his bed would be his thing. Then maybe he could get pet snakes again, and keep them in some shanty man cave."

In this excerpt, you managed to perfectly capture the distressed inner dialogue that exists during that pivotal moment in which, a wife realizes and begrudgingly accepts an unquestionable (and seemingly inherent) difference in the way her husband thinks.

Bravo Georgia! This could possibly be one of the funniest things that I've ever read in a blog entry.

Elizabeth said...

Oh dear :( I would be so sad if I couldn't have my pretties. My husband is a very good sport. I would have to say though, our room is the only girly room in the house. The rest is classic pieces, kinda like you mentioned/ pottery barn/ collections from travels.
Maybe when you have kids, you will have a little girl to shower all the pretties with.

thefabledneedle (jen) said...

my husband and i passed through solvang - it was in the evening and i didn't even know about this store - too bad!

i've been pretty lucky in the decor department. i think a lot of men secretly like "girlie" things but i know not all. i do make an effort to make sure he likes what i get (esp. big purchases like furniture) and also incorporate things that are really "him" (ie science-y stuff). anyway, you just keep doing what you're doing, you've got beautiful taste as far as i can tell! :) all couple have to argue about something, this is just one of them i guess.

Modern Crush said...

Friends, when I needed a shoulder to cry on, here you are, and I couldn't thank you more. Pam, yes, this topic makes it disturbingly obvious this is the way the cards have been layed out for us. But not to fear! Good design will win in the end! xo

Hey Lady! said...
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Hey Lady! said...

Ahhh yes. I also live with some with a strong opinion. But over the years we've learned to compromise and get something we both like. The trick to it is shopping together and making sure both people like something about it. Like if you like the shape, perhaps he can pick the color or stain. Brian and I did that.

To make the house feel more "his" he should suggest some things to add or remove from the main living spaces to make it feel like his house. I think as women we expect men not to care. Truth is though, it's the place they spend most of there time, as much their sanctuary as ours.

Celestial said...

When E and I were engaged we talked decorating. He kept saying I could do whatever I wanted. I think he was just trying to be a sweet hubby and let me decorate my castle. Apparently he expected me to like those overdone 90s purple and green florals like his sisters did. And he was all the more relieved to learn that I'm not much on floral and big on structure and color. I am so thankful that we have very similar taste in stuff.

I have a friend who is quite opposite with her hubby(actually, quite similar to you and hubby I'm guessing). They still debate and have their own rooms.

Aaron and Katie said...

lol You are hilarious. Aaron always, ALWAYS has an opinion in our home