Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Bicycle Ride!!!

B-day 27 B
B-day 27 L
B-day 27 K
B-day 27 C
B-day 27 G
B-day 27 H
B-day 27 E
B-day 27 D
B-day 27 F
B-day 27 I
B-day 27 A
On my birthday last Tuesday, I took a half day off work. We loaded up our cruisers and headed down to Coronado Island for some bike cruzin. Even though I've lived in San Diego all my life, there is so much of it that I haven't really seen very much of. We live at the very very top of San Diego County, so it's often a challenge to make time to go explore. So we explored! And there are some Ritzaaaay houses in Coronado! Those people must be loaded to live there! As we were riding we came across the Tuesday farmers market. I thought the cheese lady from Sonoma was the best. And so was the Asian guy with the giant purple grapes.

But the best thing... was riding around with Billy. If you know me, you would know...


I would say that.

Cuz, I'm addicted to my husband



Maggie said...

super cute.

Elizabeth said...

Aww, happy belated birthday!!!!
Love the photos of the darling homes. This is how I picture them in southern Calif.
Looks like a beautiful day.

Chelsea said...

Such a fun way to spend your birthday! Love to be out and about like that, and awesome that there happened to be a farmer's market! You didn't talk about the dinner! :)

Hey Lady! said...

Awww! So sweet! Apparently even if you have the money it's tough to get a house on Coronado. One of my doctors has been waiting for the privileged for years.

Celestial said...

Awe, happy birthday dearest!

Vista Gal said...

Happy belated Birthday Georgia!
I have your "pictures" more than 1 ready for you!!<3 ~M