Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Time for a Swap! An Autumn Swap.

Autumn is in the air... can you feel it? Pretty soon it will be time to do things like make cinnamon rolls, carve pumpkins, and put out the flannel sheets. This is a marvelous time of year to be dreaming about the upcoming season's festivities. So I proclaim to you, a swap! A wonderful Autumn swap. Chelsea and I have been scheming and now is the perfect time.


We are inviting you to participate in our very own swap! Here is all you need to do: email me (Georgia) at amoderncrush(at)gmail(dot)com with...
{1} your name
{2} your mailing address
{3} your email address
{4} your blog address
{5} a line or two about yourself and your hobbies
{6} whether or not you would be willing to send internationally (please don't feel bad to say no!)

I will randomly pair you up with a partner and then you will gather and send your new friend 3 to 5 things that have to do with the Autumn Season: These favorite things can be purchased or handmade, old or new, and they do not have to be extravagant. Ideally these things would represent your favorite sights, sounds, smells, tastes, or memories that are centered around the Fall season. Good examples could include: your favorite Halloween candy, a favorite fall recipe, an awesome Fall or Halloween decoration, seasonal tea, etc. Get creative!

So, if you would like to participate, email me by the end of the day, Thursday, October 7th. We will have a postmark deadline to mail out each others packages by one Thursday from then, October 14th (plenty of time before Halloween, so this doesn't get in the way of your All Hallows Eve festivities;)

I will make sure everyone has someone to swap with. No one will go swapless! Tell your blogging friends, this swap is open to anyone who would like to commit to join in! Don't be intimidated, get out your favorite notebook and start jotting down basic ideas. You just might be surprised by how creative you get!

Sound good to you? Sounds like Fall fun to me:)

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Chelsea said...

Hooray I am so excited!! Thanks for getting the post up! I will email you my stuff soon :)