Thursday, October 28, 2010

Modern Crush: At The Market Place

Let it be known that yours truly is participating in an event! Yes, it's true, and I am so excited. Bethany from m•o•m asked me if I would like to participate as a vendor, and knowing how neat of a lady she is I couldn't do anything else but say of course, yes please, uhh where do I sign? I met Bethany back in June. I stopped in her shop after stepping out of Hansen's because her decor caught my eye. You better believe I waltzed right in there and introduced myself. *Gahh* I am sure I made a giant idiot of myself! OK Georgia, try not. to think. about it. Seriously, if you find yourself down in the Encinitas neighborhood you have to stop into her store, m•o•m, it is "amazing genius." Talented, talented ladies.

If you are local put Sunday November 14th on your calendar so that you can come to our event. From what I hear from these ladies, it will definitely be worth it! They are calling it 'The Market Place' - at which you can expect to find a host of awesome merchants (including me!), and a photo booth (Photo Both Fun by m•o•m).

So mark the date and start saving your pennies!

Here are the details:
Magnolia Creek & Co. Atelier
"The Market Place"
Sunday November 14, 10am - 5pm
31339 Valley Center Road
Valley Center, Ca. 92082

Oy vey, I have a lot to do.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Sister's Birthday

If I didn't have a sister, I would be in some serious trouble. Who would I call up to discuss important things? Who would I bake new dessert recipes with? Who would I watch chick flicks with? Goodbye second closet... These are important things, you know.
My little sister turned 19 on Tuesday. 19! I remember her coming home from the hospital still. I begged my mom to let her sleep on my bed. She was like this prize my mom was just awarded with, and I wanted to have a front row seat for the award ceremony. Being 8, I had a host of plans for this newborn. I was going to drive her around in my red convertible (at least that's what I thought I wanted at the age of 8), I was going to take her to the mall to pick out awesome accessories at the Sanrio store, and most of all, I was going to get someone else than my brothers to play barbies with. My plans were grand, they were ingrained in my brain, my eight year old brain...
Well, by the time she got old enough to do those things, I realized that just like she was getting older, so was I. I guess in my eight year old mind I had envisioned her growing older, but me kinda staying the same, so soon enough we would have been be equal. But when she was eight I was already a Junior in High School. Unfortunately things didn't exactly go according to the plan I made when I was 8. Though, I did get to drive her around in my beat up blue '81 diesel Mercedes (there was no red convertible), and we visited other awesome stores (by then the Sanrio store had closed for good). She would let me hold her hand, always. We would walk though the mall and my little sister would let me hold her hand. I would look around at the other young girls at the mall, all sassy and having no interest in anyone but themselves, left alone to endless supplies of sticky cinnabon cinnamon rolls and cheap underwear from the bargain bins at the cheapest fashion stores. I would look down at her and think about how lucky I was to have a sister who hadn't lost interest in me.
Now our ages have sort of plained out. Sort of like we are almost on the same level. Perhaps my eight year old vision has come true after all. We can drive each other, swap clothes, swap concerns about life and those around us. Best friends of the best kind... sisters.

Happy Birthday to my dear sister Deanna.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Burning the Midnight Oil

Last minute order for.... my mom. I love every chance I can get. Even if it means working into the night. Well, late into the night is the ideal time anyway, it's when the gnomes and elves come out. Party!


Thursday, October 21, 2010


Pumpkin patch picture: 2010. I love the tradition we have of taking a picture every year when we are there. I have a picture on my fridge still of us at the patch, probably in 2005 or so, and it amazes me how different I look. My clothes, my hair...

There is a patch of sun over my window right now, kind of painfully bright, if you know what I mean. It's a nice welcome though, since it has been so stormy here. Looking at the sky I can see very dark clouds in the distance. It won't be long...

We got up at 6:30 this morning to head out to put together our CSA boxes. I had to slough a host of cats off my legs to get out of bed. They were disappointed to lose the warmth. I think Autumn skipped town, cuz winter seems to have already arrived. This year will forever be known as the year that we got shafted out of summer. And now maybe Fall too! I remember when I was in high school, we had an El NiƱo year. It was SO wet, and I can remember just being perpetually soaked at school. I will never forget it, nor will I forget the way the weather has been this year.

Hope you are staying warm,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stormy Night

"Me thinks the rain has stopped. For now it is safe to go outside! What a stormy night it was! Prrrrr.... it was nice to curl up and sleep on our blanket, soft as silk. Remember the sound of it? It was so loud on the open beam roof! But we were safe..."
"If you hear thunder once more, run for it! My feline nerves can't handle it. You'll find me wrapped up in my blanket once more...Prrr... "

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Scouting

We finally made it out to The Great Patch, our favorite spot to search for pumpkins out at Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center. The day started out with heavy misty fog which soaked everything, so really we almost didn't go. Erika and I debated over the phone about whether or not we should attempt it, if it was worth it with the weather being as it was, but in the end decided that we couldn't break tradition.
And I am glad we didn't... This year marked our 6th year going together. Everyone was in such good spirits, despite the wet.
There is something charming about visiting a pumpkin patch when the weather is not it's best.
And it scared off some of the crowd,
which made it so much more fun, perusing pumpkins.
It was such a misty afternoon, but beautiful to see the light filtering through it all, leaving only a faint view of the mountains on such a day.
Turban pumpkins... with some of the most amazing colors.
We came in time this year, for last year there was hardly anything left...
Mounds and mounds of beauties!
The Big Macs shone in all their glory...
'Twas a very merry pumpkin occasion, indeed!
See you next year, Great Patch. Thank you for sharing your Autumn splendor with us once more...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Swap-o-Rama! {Hinties...}

Some of you have expressed interest in joining the Autumn Swap, but have also expressed that you are stuck on what items you would swap. Well it's a good thing that you asked me, cuz, shazaaam! I am full of ideas. While I don't want to take the fun out of having you think of wonderful fall things on your own, I would like to list a few things that come to mind. These are suggestions only, to help your creativity flow! Here goes:

{Your favorite Halloween candy}
{Tea - glorious tea, or mulling spices}
{A Fall ornament}
{A wonderful soup recipe}
{A special Halloween decoration}
{Scented things, like candles}
{Party decor}
{Baking accessories}

Things that spell Autumn: pumpkins, gourds, Halloween, spices, warmth, leaves, acorns, soap, skeletons, treat bags, owls, ghosties, black birds, trees, apples, pie, cider, hot chocolate.

{Remember:} The items you choose should not just be completely random, they should tell a little story of your favorite aspects of the season.


More Spookyness!

Last night I finally pulled down my box of Halloween goodies - so much fun to open up! As most of my friends know I LOVE decorating for holidays, and moreover I love collecting awesome decorations. Remember this garland I made a few years back? Now it hangs once again in all it's glory - and I still haven't seen anything like it in stores.
One of my favorite things about my decorations is that everything has a story. Some of my items have designers that I can rattle off, like Jennifer Murphy or Dee Foust. Others are recovered beauties from the bowels of ugly flourescent lit department stores. Yes, fantastic things can be found in afwful places (like Tuesday Morning). I swear every time I go in that store I want to shoot myself - it's like stumbling into a jungle nightmare. The paper mache cat sitting on the pumpkin came from that store. Two dollars, if I recall, since the cat was missing his hat - no mind to me because I just whipped up a new one when I got home.
If anyone is in the market for the most awesome Halloween decor you could find, I sincerely recommend you check out Most of my goodies inadvertently came from there; the selection is wonderful.
Are your decorations out? I want to see...