Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Sister's Birthday

If I didn't have a sister, I would be in some serious trouble. Who would I call up to discuss important things? Who would I bake new dessert recipes with? Who would I watch chick flicks with? Goodbye second closet... These are important things, you know.
My little sister turned 19 on Tuesday. 19! I remember her coming home from the hospital still. I begged my mom to let her sleep on my bed. She was like this prize my mom was just awarded with, and I wanted to have a front row seat for the award ceremony. Being 8, I had a host of plans for this newborn. I was going to drive her around in my red convertible (at least that's what I thought I wanted at the age of 8), I was going to take her to the mall to pick out awesome accessories at the Sanrio store, and most of all, I was going to get someone else than my brothers to play barbies with. My plans were grand, they were ingrained in my brain, my eight year old brain...
Well, by the time she got old enough to do those things, I realized that just like she was getting older, so was I. I guess in my eight year old mind I had envisioned her growing older, but me kinda staying the same, so soon enough we would have been be equal. But when she was eight I was already a Junior in High School. Unfortunately things didn't exactly go according to the plan I made when I was 8. Though, I did get to drive her around in my beat up blue '81 diesel Mercedes (there was no red convertible), and we visited other awesome stores (by then the Sanrio store had closed for good). She would let me hold her hand, always. We would walk though the mall and my little sister would let me hold her hand. I would look around at the other young girls at the mall, all sassy and having no interest in anyone but themselves, left alone to endless supplies of sticky cinnabon cinnamon rolls and cheap underwear from the bargain bins at the cheapest fashion stores. I would look down at her and think about how lucky I was to have a sister who hadn't lost interest in me.
Now our ages have sort of plained out. Sort of like we are almost on the same level. Perhaps my eight year old vision has come true after all. We can drive each other, swap clothes, swap concerns about life and those around us. Best friends of the best kind... sisters.

Happy Birthday to my dear sister Deanna.



Pamela said...

This is such a sweet post. I grew up with two older brothers and will have to live vicariously through your beautiful narrative! :)

Chelsea said...

Aww happy birthday to Deanna...and what wonderful words in this post Georgia!!

erika said...

So sweet. I envy your relationship, never having had a sister. I hope my girls are able to have a relationship like yours someday!

Chelsea said...

awww.. such a sweet post.happy birthday deanna!!

Celestial said...

Happy Birthday Deanna!

I'm always so excited for siblings who are close together. E is that way with his brother (except for the hand holding, dolls, and swapping clothes). As much as it makes me sad to be an only child it makes me beyond thrilled that I married into a family where I get to be a sister and an aunt.

Cherish every day near Deanna

Elizabeth said...

It was if you were writing my story!! I remember my little sister coming home from the hospital like it was yesterday too, and Oh I had plans for her. She is 7 years three months younger than me. She came home on a cold misty January morning, and before there were car seats for infants, I remember my mom holding her in the front seat of the car, while I, not in a seat belt, peeked over the seat to watch her the whole way home.

My sister is my best little buddy, always has been, always will be. We talk on the phone almost everyday for hours sometimes. She only lives an hour away, but her kids are of course much younger than mine, so she is a busy momma of 3.

Happy birthday to your dear sister!!!

dinospumoni said...

love you big sis and best friend! you are very dear to me!