Thursday, October 28, 2010

Modern Crush: At The Market Place

Let it be known that yours truly is participating in an event! Yes, it's true, and I am so excited. Bethany from m•o•m asked me if I would like to participate as a vendor, and knowing how neat of a lady she is I couldn't do anything else but say of course, yes please, uhh where do I sign? I met Bethany back in June. I stopped in her shop after stepping out of Hansen's because her decor caught my eye. You better believe I waltzed right in there and introduced myself. *Gahh* I am sure I made a giant idiot of myself! OK Georgia, try not. to think. about it. Seriously, if you find yourself down in the Encinitas neighborhood you have to stop into her store, m•o•m, it is "amazing genius." Talented, talented ladies.

If you are local put Sunday November 14th on your calendar so that you can come to our event. From what I hear from these ladies, it will definitely be worth it! They are calling it 'The Market Place' - at which you can expect to find a host of awesome merchants (including me!), and a photo booth (Photo Both Fun by m•o•m).

So mark the date and start saving your pennies!

Here are the details:
Magnolia Creek & Co. Atelier
"The Market Place"
Sunday November 14, 10am - 5pm
31339 Valley Center Road
Valley Center, Ca. 92082

Oy vey, I have a lot to do.



the fabled needle (jen) said...

neato! i hope you make out like a bandit. :)

Celestial said...

Oh just one more reason to wish I were local!

Chelsea said...

OOOOH I am going to check out that date, I hope I can come! How exciting!!!!