Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Spookyness!

Last night I finally pulled down my box of Halloween goodies - so much fun to open up! As most of my friends know I LOVE decorating for holidays, and moreover I love collecting awesome decorations. Remember this garland I made a few years back? Now it hangs once again in all it's glory - and I still haven't seen anything like it in stores.
One of my favorite things about my decorations is that everything has a story. Some of my items have designers that I can rattle off, like Jennifer Murphy or Dee Foust. Others are recovered beauties from the bowels of ugly flourescent lit department stores. Yes, fantastic things can be found in afwful places (like Tuesday Morning). I swear every time I go in that store I want to shoot myself - it's like stumbling into a jungle nightmare. The paper mache cat sitting on the pumpkin came from that store. Two dollars, if I recall, since the cat was missing his hat - no mind to me because I just whipped up a new one when I got home.
If anyone is in the market for the most awesome Halloween decor you could find, I sincerely recommend you check out bayberrycove.com. Most of my goodies inadvertently came from there; the selection is wonderful.
Are your decorations out? I want to see...



Elizabeth said...

You have a cute collection of Halloween goodies! I'll be taking mine out tomorrow. I bought some cool pumpkins though, and those are out.

Pamela said...

Thanks for posting this Georgia. You helped get me into the Halloween Spirit! I went on the bayberry cove website. Man there is so much that I love. :) Maybe I can begin to build my collection of spookyness too.

Chelsea said...

I LOVE and have always loved your decorations, for all seasons, but since you and I share the love for fall and Halloween especially, these just make me smile!! I don't have many decorations for any season, kind of pointless for me to buy stuff when I don't yet have my own space to decorate. But I do have this little cat statue that my mom bought me and I do put THAT out, and I will admit, last year I left it out past Halloween season... :) I will have to send you a photo or post it somewhere so you can see. But I am jealous of all your decorations!! Someday I hope you can sell these....How cool would it be to combine selling seasonal decorations with your seasonal produce? Umm...dream job? I think so!!

P.S. can't wait for your next batch of decorations for the next season!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie, Love the decorations - can you believe this is the first year I didn't pull out all the stops. Both kids are gone and hubby is traveling constantly. I live on 7 acres so never get any trick-or-treaters. I can't believe it I have an attic FULL of decorations. NO JOKE! Anyway, yours are adorable maybe I will pull out a few things.