Monday, November 22, 2010

Zig Zag - December 5th!

Zig Zag Event Poster
(click image to see it larger)

I am getting so excited for the Zig Zag craft event that is coming up the first weekend in December. I have been working on a whole lot of goodies for this, and I am so looking forward to it! I will have headbands, crowns, fairy ring bells, fairy wands and hair clips (all the same sorts of goodies as the Magnolia show). If you have a little girl or know of a little girl who would love some of these lovelies from dear old santa (*wink*) then be sure to come! The show is themed around kids: apparel, accessories, toys and other goodies - all handmade by a group of us local artists, sewers and crafters.

Here are the details:
When: December 5th (Sunday)
Time: 11-3pm
Where: 1055 South Coast Hwy, Encinitas, CA (it will be in same parking lot where Hansen's Surf Shop is, as well as m•o•m and UNIV).

Here is the line-up so you can get a taste of what is to come:
Pumpkin Pie Originals - blankets, clothes and bags
m•o•m - clothes and some of the most amazing accessories you've ever seen!
White Apple Threads - clothes and bags
Linzy Dinzy
Plush Parade - handmade plush toys
The Pop Project
bink & boo - bibs, booties, bags, etc. - these are so so cute!
Modern Crush - that's me :)
Vanessa Dominy - fantastic artist

Put December 5th on your calendar, and come get some of your Christmas shopping list crossed off. And spread the word! The more the merrier:)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Market Place

The Market Place show out at Magnolia Creek & Co. Atelier was lovely. My booth set up like a dream, and my sister was an amazing help to me. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day...
<3 MCatMagnoliaK
The booth! So so sweet!
We had fun, sold a good handful of lovelies, but the best part - the friends that drove all the way out there to support me. And my awesome sister who gave up her whole Sunday to help me, just because I asked. In a word - blessed!

Like what you see? Mark your calendar to come see me at my next little fair soiree, December 5th in Encinitas! It's called Zig Zag, and I am getting so excited:)


Monday, November 15, 2010

A Sweet Sunday {at Magnolia Creek}

And..... wer'e back! This weekend's show out at Magnolia Creek Atelier was wonderful. Beautiful grounds, hospitable people, and a so many of my friends came out to support me. Be back tomorrow with some shots of the day.

Till then,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween: Get Your Gnome On

Hope you had a lovely Halloween celebration! Ours was fantastic, it was the perfect Autumn day. After such nasty weather we finally got one day to shine golden as the sun.
Celebrating with friends, it was a day filled with good food, and stories - and sweets.
And I had a little trick up my sleeve...
Gnomes!! Billy, my sister Deanna and I were garden gnomes! Our hats were over 4 feet tall... and completely awesome. This year I decided I was going to test the waters and head out around the neighborhood with my candy sack. It worked! No one thought I was too old!
The first house we went to had this amazing gnome patch, so naturally we fit right in:) Ok so line of the night: We show up at a house, ring the bell, shout "Trick - or - Treat!!" and a couple ladies come to the door. The one that was probably in her 60's says with all sincerity "Oh, maybe these big kids would like a glass of our rum punch!" and the younger woman scoffs and says "NO! You can't give teenagers rum punch!!" We all looked at each other and laughed a good one, and then Billy pipes up and says "I'm turning 30 in January!" Hahaha! And THAT is the truth.
We may of felt a little silly at times, trying to trick-or-treat, seeing as how we definitely are WAY past the age, but my loot bag would tell me otherwise. The LOOT. Feast your eyes on that!

Hope your holiday was hauntingly amazing,