Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween: Get Your Gnome On

Hope you had a lovely Halloween celebration! Ours was fantastic, it was the perfect Autumn day. After such nasty weather we finally got one day to shine golden as the sun.
Celebrating with friends, it was a day filled with good food, and stories - and sweets.
And I had a little trick up my sleeve...
Gnomes!! Billy, my sister Deanna and I were garden gnomes! Our hats were over 4 feet tall... and completely awesome. This year I decided I was going to test the waters and head out around the neighborhood with my candy sack. It worked! No one thought I was too old!
The first house we went to had this amazing gnome patch, so naturally we fit right in:) Ok so line of the night: We show up at a house, ring the bell, shout "Trick - or - Treat!!" and a couple ladies come to the door. The one that was probably in her 60's says with all sincerity "Oh, maybe these big kids would like a glass of our rum punch!" and the younger woman scoffs and says "NO! You can't give teenagers rum punch!!" We all looked at each other and laughed a good one, and then Billy pipes up and says "I'm turning 30 in January!" Hahaha! And THAT is the truth.
We may of felt a little silly at times, trying to trick-or-treat, seeing as how we definitely are WAY past the age, but my loot bag would tell me otherwise. The LOOT. Feast your eyes on that!

Hope your holiday was hauntingly amazing,



Elizabeth said...

Well, how could they NOT give you sweet little gnomes candy?! I can smell all that sugar from here :)

Chelsea said...

Wow look at that candy! Well done!! I was a gnome last year :) My mom made me a red felt hat, I had a belt, boots, etc. But the thing I was lacking was a beard, I looked everywhere and couldn't find just the right thing, I should have just made it out of paper or fabric...DUH!! But I do have this little gnome that you can record things into and it plays it back in a high pitched british gnome voice. So I carried him around with me and he (Henry) was a hit!! Sounds like you guys had fun!! xo

Aaron and Katie said...

LOL you guys are hilarious! And looked SO fun!

Pamela said...

Awesome Garden Gnome costume and how exciting to get to go trick or treating! Man...Too bad Andrew and I live so far away. If we were closer we might've invited ourselves to join your festivities!!

Celestial said...

I love that you actually went door-to-door! And the outfits are perfect.

We didn't have a single visitor to our door this year. Not that we usually get more than 1 or 2. But not one!

And when we did get to participate in some Halloween festivities I realized that both of my camera batteries were dead, and we were far from home. :(

Hey Lady! said...

That is hilarious! I love that you went trick-or-treating! I'd have given you candy, anyone who is wearing a costume and has the bag gets the candy, regardless of age.

We had a lot of kids this year, some dressed as "Jersey Shore" characters, either that or cheap transvestites... I hope it was "Snooki", not "trannie"...

erika said...

I loved your costumes! You were awesome:) I think you got more candy than Ethan and Tegan put together!

Vista Gal said...

How fun, and completely boisterous of you to venture out with the wee ones! Good for you! :)
Steve and I joined in the Halloween fun this year at Pamels and Andrew's. We carved pumpkins and even "donned" costumes!1
I was the 'Tooth fairy'~

the fabled needle (jen) said...

brilliant! were you all laughing uncontrollably the whole night? :)

Chelsea said...

haha! How awesome are you guys?! LOVE IT :)

Tisra said...

Your gnomes are AWESOME!!!!! So very, very fun!

On this cold, bundle-up day in Nashville, your crafty, artsy, creative blog was just the perfect pick-me-up! A little warmth in a frosty day. Now, if only I had the energy to create something myself (sniffles today)!!!