Monday, December 27, 2010

Jolly Craft!

I found these Santa clothes pins less than a week before Christmas - for $1 at my local Michaels. One of the things I love about shopping so close to Christmas is the deals that can be had. $1. Seriously! I've seen a few bloggers make a sweet arrangement with their Christmas cards using twine or ribbon, and clothes pins used to hang the cards. When I saw these jolly Santas I knew I could dress them up and use them for something cute like that.
Red and pink hats...
And some glitter...
Makes my holiday world go 'round.



bink and boo said...

Oh my gosh those are soooo stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelsea said...

SOOO cute. What a great find!

Natalie Jane said...

So darling! Thanks for the link love :)

naapcorp said...

LOVE your little Santas! Now what do you DO with them? I have just picked up a little package of them and they make me smile. But I have no ideas for use! LOL