Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zig Zag Show

So I am just getting around to posting about the Zig Zag Show that I participated in last Sunday! Forgive me please, but I am sure you all can relate:) I was really excited about doing this show for three reasons, the first being it was free for me to participate(!), the second, it was in Encinitas (one of my FAVORITE local towns), and third, I was excited and hoping to sell sell sell to earn money for Christmas gifts! We stopped at our famous VG's Donuts first to fuel up on sugar and hot cocoa. None of the children there were wearing shoes...
This cake that looked like a Christmas tree was amazing, and can you see the little tree cupcakes on the bottom shelf?! Gah! I almost bought one! But no, not for breakfast (today).
So on to the show. I mean, does it really surprise you that I would start this post with pictures and talk of sweets? Haha!
Everyone's booths were amazing, and the talent was there. The only thing missing were the shoppers. I am not really sure what happened, but there weren't many browsers. This put quite a damper on my #3 reason I was jazzed about the show.
So we waited, and waited, and waited for a bite. Damn! No bites! Was it the weather? The music? So sad...
But it was all so beautiful!
The sweet lady next to me made these amazing wreathes, I now regret not picking one out. Perhaps I will have to try my hand at making one myself!
Brooklyn, the sweet sweet mama who put this show on had some awesome goodies, ties and clips, so many adorable creations.
Good company :)
Well all in all, the show was not successful sale-wise, BUT we had a great time with the other vendors, and that made it totally worth it!! We had lunch from the Potato Shack (the best grilled cheese sandwich and seasoned fries of my life), and I left just as happy as a clam :)



Celestial said...

Do I spy a peacock feather on a headband in the sister's shot?

Sorry for the lack of a turnout on customer's part. Maybe there was something else in town attracting them?

Either way I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves!

Elizabeth said...

Shoot! Everything did look so cute and colorful!! It looks like a craft fair that I would have love to go to.
At least you did have fun with the other sellers.

Hey Lady! said...

Way to have a awesome attitude about it! Plus maybe you made some new friends or contacts that can lead to another more profitable show in the future?

It all looks amazing, I'm always so impressed with your talent.