Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011, Hello? Year, Are You There?

So Christmas is over. And New Years is over. It was bittersweet, as I was exceptionally excited about Christmas this year. The rain absolutely made the season for me, and I don't think I have been so jazzed about Christmas in a long long time. Living in Southern California doesn't do much in the way of "seasonal" holiday weather, which in a sad way makes Christmas day kinda like any regular day. But not this year! We had a ton of consistent rain which left me giddy about the out of the ordinary seasonal weather. We even got rain on Christmas night, which I was just swooning over.

The end of the holiday season was also bittersweet because that was the last time I would trim the tree or hang the holly in our house. I haven't mentioned it here, but we were told in October that the owners were moving back to our house and so we needed to be gone by the end of January. We are sad and happy about this - actually when we found out I was crushed. I find that I get way too attached to "the way things are." I never move my furniture around, and I seldom redecorate, because I guess I like things the way they are. Look at my blog header or background - have you ever seen it change? NO! We have spent most of our almost 5 years of marriage here, and I guess I like that fact.

So.... we will move, and all will be well and I will look back and think about all the fond memories at 620 Bel Air. I am sure you are wondering where we are going! Actually, we are moving to my in laws house, which will give us an amazing opportunity to pay off some bills and save some serious dough, and at the end of the Summer we will reevaluate where we will go next. I am really looking forward to this, and am looking at it like an adventure.

Billy turns 30 next week and Saturday night we are having a party for him. I have everything planned out, even down to a list of ingredients for each dish I am making. It is weird to think of him as 30 - and I never thought he would turn 30 without having at least on baby yet, but that is just how things are. He grew a beard and grew his hair out. And now I will have a 30 year old bearded man whom I love dearly. He is my best friend in all of the world. Hurray!


Erin said...

Good luck with the move! I'm glad you are looking at it as an adventure! Seems you might like your in-laws! Living with my MIL would be like a death sentence. ;-) I'm only milding joking... Good for you guys though. Happy birthday to your hubby. I know what you mean about your life plans not being *quite* as you thought... I'm 32 now, and no kids. I'm just rolling with it. All the best to you both for 2011!

Celestial said...

Sounds like you have an excellent perspective on the moving situation. Time will fly by and it will be end of summer before you know it!

An early Happy Birthday to Billy! I'm only a month + a few days behind on the 30, so I can empathize (even on the no kids part)

Chelsea said...

It is exciting though, I am the same way...hard to get into the mindset of such a major change, but once you do, it is exciting. And happy birthday to billy!!!!!