Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Are My Justin Matisse

Today my husband is 30. 3-0. WOW. If it were me and I were turning 30 today I would be under the covers crying, and spending all afternoon counting backwards with my fingers crossed, choking on my own tears. But not Billy, he says carelessly that it is just like any other day. He is not scared one bit to turn 30, in fact he rolls his eyes at me when I tease him about it. So here is 30. 30! It looks good on him if you ask me. This beard I love, and I hope he keeps it. Although if he does he may get told again that he looks like Noah from The Notebook. Umm, can you say sexy? I digress...

30 years of Billy on this earth.

Lover of political discussion, meaningful conversation, cats, dark beer, good food, good friends, cooking with his wife, plants, travel, and people. Oh does he ever love people. He gives me kisses liberally and lives sincerely. Deliberately.

You are my Justin Matisse, my Jake Ryan, my... lol, Noah Calhoun.

Happy Birthday my dear, I hope you know how much I love you. I love you FOREVER!



Hey Lady! said...

Who the hell is that dude?

But seriously, you post about him is so sweet, I'm so happy he found you. (and that part about political discussions, oh yes, he does love those). I also love that he's your "Jake Ryan", that movie is timeless.

And I'm with you, I spent a large part of yesterday freaking out and I'll admit, crying a little. Damn I'm old. It's different with men, with then older is more "distinguished", more attractive. Sadly, not with women...

Hey Lady! said...

And who the heck is Jason Matisse?

Modern Crush said...

Justin Matisse!


My heart just skipped a beat <3

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to your husband :) Thirty is great, so is 40. For some reason, I always felt that people didn't take you very seriously when you are in your twenties. Thats just me though ! suppose. Don't be afraid to turn 30, your husband has the right idea.

Celestial said...

Awe, Hope Floats. And such a sweet post.

Happy Happy Birthday!

I agree, I like the beard too. I hope I'm as calm and collected as he is when the moment comes!

Karin Grow said...

-my twenties were blast and a rollercoaster of emotions all lumped together.
-My thirties have fed my soul and everything in my life has fallin into place seamlessly.
-Soon, forty will rear it's head. The juries still out on this one. I think I'll survive.

Mary said...

I'm sending belated birthday wishes to your husband. He sounds like a keeper. I'm new to your blog but will be back. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

critkins said...

I second Heather's thoughts- your post IS so sweet and I'm so glad Billy found you!

Justin Matisse makes my heart flutter too! :)

Maggie said...

I think it is QUITE safe to say that Justin Matisse makes every girl with eyes that work swoon...Those jeans...oh those jeans.

Hey Lady! said...

Justin Matisse is Harry Connick Jr's character? Wow. I can't see him as a sweet guy. I guess I was traumatized by watching "Copycat" when I was younger. If you don't want that image destroyed, don't watch that movie.

Rebekka Seale said...

Mmmmm....how's that Alice Hoffman book in your side bar? I LOVE her. I've been wanting to read that one for a while. Love your blog!