Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oy! If Only I Could Keep These for Myself!

Covered embroidery hoops are one of my absolute favorite little crafts. They are quick, colorful and render endless possibilities. If I could fill my whole house with these I probably would... but I don't want you to get the impression I am psycho. The supplies are simple - hoops, fabric, glue gun.
This set was a gift for Chelsea as part of her Christmas/Birthday package that I sent her in December. The hoops are small - only 5, 6 and 7 inches and are the perfect size for a small room - to cluster next to a bed side light, or by a small frame. I think an entire wall covered in these would be awesome. At our old house I had a space between two doorways filled with these, and it was so eye catching. My sister had the great idea of changing them out seasonally - which I think I will have to work at as the seasons change.
Speaking of seasons changing... March is just around the corner and the grass is starting to turn green. Spring is on it's way. < 3


Chelsea said...

And I absolutely LOVE them. They are on the wall in my room, and I keep meaning to post a blog post about that package you sent but haven't yet. But I will! Love the seasonal idea...

Darcy said...

oh my gosh i love them. i entered this challenge to make a friend something this year and i saw these and i think this is it. how is this done so i can shamelessly copy it?

hannah singer said...

LOVE this idea, simple enough for me;)