Saturday, February 12, 2011

When Two Worlds Collide

This is what happens when two families combine their pantries.


Can you spot 3 containers of marshmallow fluff? Oy vey...



Celestial said...

At least there's a pantry. I grew up always having this type of stuff in cabinets. Now for the first time hubby and I have a pantry, and I loves it!

Hey Lady! said...

Wa-wa-wait! You call it "fluff"?? I just recently heard that term for the first time. Apparently there are jars of this that actually say "fluff" on them! It has always been marshmallow creme to me. That's what it says on the jar.

There are TONS of great fudge recipes that include it. You all should make some!

erika said...

You could open up your own store:)

Chelsea said...

WOW! That is impressive!! haha :) Oh and in response to Hey Lady!'s comment, I have always called in Fluff too!