Sunday, March 27, 2011

Springtime: Thoughts of Love

I love the rain. The droplets that gather and then fall. Gravity wins. When the weather turns sour, I dream of hiding up in a fort made of sofa cushions and all the blankets in the house. Like its my own little world in there. But I would never be able to help myself from coming out to watch the rain fall. Gloriously bewitching. The sound alone is enough to drive me out of my hideaway. A harp in nature, to play for my pleasure. Be still in my heart!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Basic Pizza. Where all the cool kids in downtown San Diego go. I am sure I wasn't as cool a kid as they may come, but I did have fun.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CSA - More than an Acronym.

I love to cook, and I love to try new recipes. For me personally I have a philosophy for eating - I will always try something at least once. But once, that is kind of a cheap shot - a cop out. Let's give kale for example. You may remember me making kale chips, which didn't turn out all that great that time. It would be easy for me to wash my hands of kale. But staking my opinion after trying something just once is really not fair, because when you really think about it, how many different ways can kale be used? There is no answer because the possibilities are endless. I enjoy being open minded to food I am unfamiliar with, even sort of humbly pride myself in it. Perhaps I feel a twinge of sorrow or regret for those who snap their mouths shut so tight at the sight of unfamiliarity.

As I mentioned in this space before, my husband and I run a CSA called "Farm Fresh San Diego." We grow our own vegetables and we also source excellent fruits and veggies from local farms who we have struck up a relationship with, package them into tidy little boxes and deliver the goods to those who sign up to receive them. The term CSA is almost unheard of around our area. People give blank stares when we utter the acronym "CSA" and so we explain by saying: "You sign up with us to receive farm fresh fruits and vegetables and then we deliver them right to you!" Relief! They get it! And what's more, many can't believe such young people have such a passion for this sort of thing. I mean, who in San Diego county grows up with aspirations of farming? Yeah, that's right. We are young farmers in San Diego, and we love it.

But back to the food. My eyes are being continually opened to the wonders of fruits and vegetables. And not just that. Honey, and bread, and pasta - so many things that so many wonderful people around us make. A trip through a "super market" leaves me saddened at the lack of special local items - elephant garlic, kohlrabi, even local honey - you won't find it. All the stuff that sits there slapped with it's overpriced stickers - most of it is not from our home region, or even our home country at that.

When did we start swapping out the local for the foreign? When was it where people started to get so inconvenienced by only eating what is grown seasonally that they had to import it all? I don't know about you, but I like seeing my own area's farms flourish because of the local support they receive. When local people actually get to taste your harvest. Now that is community. Community Supported Agriculture, or simply put, that little acronym: CSA.

If you are local, and you would like to know more about what we do or even join us, hop to our website, and read about it.

Cheers to caring about your food! Hurrah for Farm Fresh San Diego!



Friday, March 18, 2011

They're Fairy Beautiful

Magic wands! These are the perfect dress up accessory
for all the little girls out there in the world
who enjoy the thought of turning little brothers into toads.

NEW Fairy Beautiful Princess Wands :: making their way into my etsy shop.

I've missed you, be back soon!