Friday, March 18, 2011

They're Fairy Beautiful

Magic wands! These are the perfect dress up accessory
for all the little girls out there in the world
who enjoy the thought of turning little brothers into toads.

NEW Fairy Beautiful Princess Wands :: making their way into my etsy shop.

I've missed you, be back soon!



swonderful said...

those wands! alice would love them. i'll keep an eye on them. :)

Elizabeth said...

Well hello there! Cute wands! If my girls were still little I'd get one of these for them!

the fabled needle (jen) said...

so cute, the last one is my favorite!

how are you?? how are ya settling into your new place?


Natalie Jane said...

Oops. Made the mistake of looking at these with my 5 year old looking on.

"I WANT THOSE WANDS!!!" she screamed.

Very cute.

Chelsea said...

Love them Georgia!!! And beautiful shots of them :)