Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter - Better Late than Never, and our 3rd Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Easter - yeah that was a week ago. Because I am awesome and showed up to Easter with a dead camera battery. I just got the pictures that we took from my sisters camera so here we are! Reliving Easter!

3rd Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt. We started this tradition on request by my sister Deanna. It was so much fun the first and second years that we had to keep it going this year. It is ridiculous, completely silly and we are way too big for this, but when you get older sometimes things are fun like they once were in a totally different way. I'm talking competition. There was plenty of that. Plus every kid in our family inherited a ravenous sweet tooth.

Ok, here we go for the 3rd Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt:
Participants :: 5 Adults (me, my brothers Cole and Coby, sister Deanna, and Billy)
Age Range :: 19-30
Number of Eggs :: 120
WINNER :: 1st Place goes to Deanna with 36 eggs.
RUNNER UP :: 2nd Place goes to Billy with 32 eggs.
LOSER :: Coming in last place is my brother Cole with 13 eggs. We held him back 10 seconds at the start of the hunt because he is just too fast. Looks like it came to his detriment this year. He doesn't care because he will be eating my sisters candy anyway. He's like that.
We had so much fun
Just being ridiculous and silly
These pictures are priceless
I can see us brothers and sisters looking back on these pictures when we are old and enjoying the memories of all of us having a really good time together when we were in our 20's. This is magical. All of these pictures say fun and love to me, and that is exactly how I want to remember my life.

Happy late Easter friends.


Easter Trifle!


The best trifle EVER = using what is in your pantry.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sun Hat Project

I love a nice tan like any other girl next to me but I am also somewhat paranoid about wrinkles. Last year I was dying to get a sun hat for the pool and the beach. I had my eye on an inexpensive hat at Target and when I finally made up my mind to get it they were gone for the season. This year I saw one that was even better at my local Target so I snatched it up. Excitement! It was cute on its own but it didn't really do much for me SO like my typical self I instantly had a vision of what I could do to it to make it amazing.
First I bought 3 yards of blue and white striped ribbon from a seller on Etsy - this is 1.5 inch wide ribbon. I didn't end up using all 3 yards, maybe just 2. Funny, I was reading through the latest Victoria Magazine at lunch today and I saw this exact ribbon in their feature - nestled among things blue and white.
My vision for the hat also featured feathers - and I wanted something that would go really well with the ribbon. Peacock feathers were my first choice but I was a bit concerned how this would work because most of the peacock feathers I've ever had are huge. To my delight I found mini peacock feathers from an Etsy seller at a very reasonable price.
I tore the knotted straw trim off the hat I bought and replaced it with the striped ribbon, tied with a simple bow. I trimmed down the mini peacock feathers just a bit so they didn't stick up too high and stick them under the ribbon secured with a little dot of hot glue. SO cute! I am ready for the sun!
This was a very easy an inexpensive little project, I think the hat was $13, the ribbon was about a dollar a yard, and the feathers worked out to be about 80 cents each with shipping. The total amount for this project was about $17.50!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scenes from a Tuesday

A mellow cloudy day - today. My laundry is done and our room is clean. I can't wait to show you what I made with the ribbon and the flowers. If you haven't tried the lavender lotion from Trader Joes I urge you to. I love to put it on when I go to bed and fall asleep to the scent of lavender and citrus. Much love to you from kitty Jonah, we're off to make a cup of tea.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Palm Springs :: Day 2 and 3

Day 2 in Palm Springs consisted of exhibit A: the pool. We were lucky with the perfect weather, and I had brought along a good book. I had a book in my left hand and a pina colada in my right which made for a day that I cant get out of my head.
Saturday night we went out on a date, to celebrate our anniversary. Champagne, dinner and a movie was had in the city full of warm weather and palm trees. It was so wonderful to enjoy each others company with absolutely no expectations or plans - we just did what we wanted.
Day 3 we enjoyed a morning of mimosas and then packed up and hit the road, stopping in the little town of Idyllwild on the way home. That storm that chased us over the mountain the first day dropped buckets of snow, and so we went from the hot desert to snowy mountains in less than an hour. Southern California is amazing in this way.
Quaint, chilly and quiet - we stopped for lunch and then meandered our way back home. Sometimes the best trips can be found in your own back yard. Nice and slow, just the way we like it.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Palm Springs :: Day One

We took the scenic route from San Diego to Palm Springs. We did not take the 10 Freeway, so no traffic. Just the us and the scenes through Anza. A storm chased us all the way over the mountains, totally threatening snow and actually we did see a bit falling on us at times - hail too. Those of you that live in parts of the country that are still seeing snow, I now feel sorry for you because in my opinion there is no reason for snow in the middle of April.
We got out of the car near the top of the mountain to take a few shots and to stretch our legs. Dude, it was cold. And I am talking about the kind of cold that comes with the wind - you know the kind. At this point I really started looking forward to our descent down to the desert floor and the piƱa colada I knew was waiting for me on the other side.
The mountains were breathtaking, as wind chilled as they were. I couldn't get over all the colors in the rocks - every tone and shade. California is carpeted like this, and couldn't be more evident in the desert mountains.
And we got over the top just in time before the snow storm hit the mountain towns, and I was glad too, because I had nothing more than sandals, pants and a light coat. And down to a wonderfully warm Palm Springs we went...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Palm Springs!

This past weekend Billy and I took off for a long 3 day weekend to Palm Springs. The trip was amazing, and I cant wait to share it with you...


I've been working on a few new projects lately, wands, crowns and at the bottom, feather tree ornaments. Whenever I start working on something new I automatically feel better. My spirits are lifted and I find myself enjoying working with my hands. Given a cup of tea and a Wilco album and I am on could nine...
Working on anything new?