Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter - Better Late than Never, and our 3rd Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt

Easter - yeah that was a week ago. Because I am awesome and showed up to Easter with a dead camera battery. I just got the pictures that we took from my sisters camera so here we are! Reliving Easter!

3rd Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt. We started this tradition on request by my sister Deanna. It was so much fun the first and second years that we had to keep it going this year. It is ridiculous, completely silly and we are way too big for this, but when you get older sometimes things are fun like they once were in a totally different way. I'm talking competition. There was plenty of that. Plus every kid in our family inherited a ravenous sweet tooth.

Ok, here we go for the 3rd Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt:
Participants :: 5 Adults (me, my brothers Cole and Coby, sister Deanna, and Billy)
Age Range :: 19-30
Number of Eggs :: 120
WINNER :: 1st Place goes to Deanna with 36 eggs.
RUNNER UP :: 2nd Place goes to Billy with 32 eggs.
LOSER :: Coming in last place is my brother Cole with 13 eggs. We held him back 10 seconds at the start of the hunt because he is just too fast. Looks like it came to his detriment this year. He doesn't care because he will be eating my sisters candy anyway. He's like that.
We had so much fun
Just being ridiculous and silly
These pictures are priceless
I can see us brothers and sisters looking back on these pictures when we are old and enjoying the memories of all of us having a really good time together when we were in our 20's. This is magical. All of these pictures say fun and love to me, and that is exactly how I want to remember my life.

Happy late Easter friends.



Hey Lady! said...

So sweet! It looks like you all are having SO much fun! My mother always talks about how hilarious it is to watch you all fight for plastic eggs! I love that you all do this!

SOMEDAY I'll come to Cali at Easter time and watch the action LIVE!

Love you!

dinospumoni said...

Winner winner chicken dinner. How I love my amazing family and how crazy we are. Btw that picture of me is priceless :)

love you!

Aaron and Katie said...

So fun. So sweet. And yes, so memorable.

Celestial said...

This looks like so much fun. I had lots of people asking me if I went hunting as well (but I hadn't)