Friday, April 15, 2011

Palm Springs :: Day 2 and 3

Day 2 in Palm Springs consisted of exhibit A: the pool. We were lucky with the perfect weather, and I had brought along a good book. I had a book in my left hand and a pina colada in my right which made for a day that I cant get out of my head.
Saturday night we went out on a date, to celebrate our anniversary. Champagne, dinner and a movie was had in the city full of warm weather and palm trees. It was so wonderful to enjoy each others company with absolutely no expectations or plans - we just did what we wanted.
Day 3 we enjoyed a morning of mimosas and then packed up and hit the road, stopping in the little town of Idyllwild on the way home. That storm that chased us over the mountain the first day dropped buckets of snow, and so we went from the hot desert to snowy mountains in less than an hour. Southern California is amazing in this way.
Quaint, chilly and quiet - we stopped for lunch and then meandered our way back home. Sometimes the best trips can be found in your own back yard. Nice and slow, just the way we like it.



Celestial said...

Love the side mirror pic!

Snow to dessert is quite impressive. Reminds me of Central Washington state, but without palm trees :)

Happy Anniversary!

the fabled needle (jen) said...

sounds like quite the good time! i haven't been to palm springs in AGES. (since i was a kid; i'm sure it would be more fun now!)

i've been wondering about idyllwild too as i've heard elsewhere it's a nice and quite place to get away.