Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Palm Springs :: Day One

We took the scenic route from San Diego to Palm Springs. We did not take the 10 Freeway, so no traffic. Just the us and the scenes through Anza. A storm chased us all the way over the mountains, totally threatening snow and actually we did see a bit falling on us at times - hail too. Those of you that live in parts of the country that are still seeing snow, I now feel sorry for you because in my opinion there is no reason for snow in the middle of April.
We got out of the car near the top of the mountain to take a few shots and to stretch our legs. Dude, it was cold. And I am talking about the kind of cold that comes with the wind - you know the kind. At this point I really started looking forward to our descent down to the desert floor and the piƱa colada I knew was waiting for me on the other side.
The mountains were breathtaking, as wind chilled as they were. I couldn't get over all the colors in the rocks - every tone and shade. California is carpeted like this, and couldn't be more evident in the desert mountains.
And we got over the top just in time before the snow storm hit the mountain towns, and I was glad too, because I had nothing more than sandals, pants and a light coat. And down to a wonderfully warm Palm Springs we went...


Celestial said...

Snow in Cali in April? That's crazier than us getting snow here in MN in April!

I have to admit, Billy's bushy beard (ha an alliteration!) seems to compliment the dessert shrubs nicely ;)

Aaron and Katie said...

I have driven that road SO many times. Reading your posts brought back so many memories. My Dad and his friends rode their bikes from Vista to Palm Springs on that road. I LOVE Palm Springs. How fun for the two of you! Happy Anniversary!