Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sun Hat Project

I love a nice tan like any other girl next to me but I am also somewhat paranoid about wrinkles. Last year I was dying to get a sun hat for the pool and the beach. I had my eye on an inexpensive hat at Target and when I finally made up my mind to get it they were gone for the season. This year I saw one that was even better at my local Target so I snatched it up. Excitement! It was cute on its own but it didn't really do much for me SO like my typical self I instantly had a vision of what I could do to it to make it amazing.
First I bought 3 yards of blue and white striped ribbon from a seller on Etsy - this is 1.5 inch wide ribbon. I didn't end up using all 3 yards, maybe just 2. Funny, I was reading through the latest Victoria Magazine at lunch today and I saw this exact ribbon in their feature - nestled among things blue and white.
My vision for the hat also featured feathers - and I wanted something that would go really well with the ribbon. Peacock feathers were my first choice but I was a bit concerned how this would work because most of the peacock feathers I've ever had are huge. To my delight I found mini peacock feathers from an Etsy seller at a very reasonable price.
I tore the knotted straw trim off the hat I bought and replaced it with the striped ribbon, tied with a simple bow. I trimmed down the mini peacock feathers just a bit so they didn't stick up too high and stick them under the ribbon secured with a little dot of hot glue. SO cute! I am ready for the sun!
This was a very easy an inexpensive little project, I think the hat was $13, the ribbon was about a dollar a yard, and the feathers worked out to be about 80 cents each with shipping. The total amount for this project was about $17.50!


Celestial said...

Lovely and simple. Thinking I might have to look for a sun hat now.

Hey Lady! said...

Awww! I want to see a picture of you wearing the hat!

erika said...

I thought about going and getting that hat for you so many times! I am sooo glad you got it. You made it look lovely<3

Elizabeth said...

Love the ribbon with the hat!! I bought a straw hat last year at Whole Foods that I love, and I think it needs a ribbon like the one you used :)