Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From Maisonnette >> Seashore Sundress

I had to post about this little girls sundress that my friend Madeline made (she owns Maisonnette). I love everything about this little dress from the pattern and the fabric she chose - right down to the buttons. She made the dress out of a linen cotton blend from Melody Miller and has such a dreamy, substantial feel. It's a brilliant choice for a little girls dress!
Seashore Dress front
I remember having a red View-Master as a little girl. I don't remember all of the slides I had for it besides the classic ones of mickey mouse and donald duck, but I loved them dearly and played with them all the time.
seashore dress back ruffle
Someday when I have a little girl I want to make awesome stuff for her like this dress. I have been toying with the idea of learning how to make kids clothes now, just so I have the knowledge for when I really need it. My grandmother sewed and knitted for each of us grandchildren, and it was so special to wear things that weren't bought at a store. There is a special love that comes with each stitch. For those of you who live around here, you should check out Madeline's classes and private lessons (her prices are more reasonable than you would think).
Flower Button

Doubled over by cuteness :)



Celestial said...

This is so so SO precious!

I had a view master too. My favorite slides were of Mickey and Disney's Robin Hood cartoon. I really wish I still had mine. I think I had quite a lot of slides! But I'm sure it disappeared into a garage sale at some point in my 'too old for that kids stuff' years.

erika said...

I love that dress. Love the fabric. It is so precious and so nostalgic<3

Madeline said...

Oh my word, you are so sweet!! my heart is warmed :) xoxoxo

Elizabeth said...

Very cute. Love the new look of the blog :)

the fabled needle (jen) said...

That is the cutest dress!!!! I love the seashore theme and colors.

Hey Lady! said...

Oddly enough my only memories of Viewmaster is a Donald Duck themed slide too.

This dress is beautiful. The woman has got skills, it can not be denied!