Friday, June 24, 2011

Fairy Festival 2011 Recap

The fairy festival was a blast this year! Despite a few snafus near the beginning everything went well. It is always fascinating to see what sells the best - this year it was the fairy bell rings (hanging on the vertical stand). Last year it was the magic wands. Overall I sold a lot of stuff, which is always a relief!

I half-assed some things this year that I need not repeat in the future. I am making myself take notes on a few things that I need to improve on for future shows:

<< The Tent. The blue tent was TERRIBLE. I hated the color it made everything under it, i.e. all my items for sale. I used it last year and hated it then, so I have no idea why I didn't get rid of it this year. I need white. I don't care if I have to sell something I own to buy a new one... I will.

<< Be EARLY. Way early. I was not as early as I wanted this year and it left me stressed out.

<< Sketch a diagram of my setup. With everything I usually use for display currently in storage I didn't have a lot of my usual decor etc. This left me this time around with tables that were extremely vertically challenged. I could have done more to improve this, but I didn't and it's my fault.

<< Get a sign. Why don't I think of these things when I have time...

I have another show in a couple weeks with an average attendance of 20,000 people. Wow. I already have some great plans for my space, which will be quite different as I will be sharing a booth for this one.

Planning is important...


Celestial said...

I still think it looks lovely. And I'm glad it ended up being a good day for you sales wise!

Elizabeth said...

Your booth has the most beautiful colors! So sunshiny and happy :)

erika said...

I meant to ask you how it went a few times and kept forgetting! I am glad it went well:) Everything looks so pretty!

Karin Grow said...

Are you wanting to sell your blue tent? Let me know. My sister may want to buy it. Then you can put the money towards a white one. Karin