Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer >> Just Can't Wait

Strawberry Patch
If I could tell you about all the things I love about this time of year, I might run out of room to write. Thoughts of summer just plain get me excited.

I asked Billy the other day to pick two or three things that represented the scents of his childhood up in Northern California. He said the beach, the mountains, and the pool. I said for me it would be the beach and my dads bbq chicken. Thinking about it again I think I'd have to add watermelon and sunscreen. My parents love the beach, and we were always there. They didn't care if we buried ourselves in the sand or if seaweed was tangled in our hair. Both of them were very easy going like that.


Remember the little contest we had a few weeks ago? Jeesh. Time flies. Thanks so much for all your comments on which logo you liked best - I knew I could count on you! So I did pick a random winner for the mystery prize and the random number generator picked...
Chelsea from The Dainty Woods! Yay Chels! I will be sending something fun your way soon!
I hope everyone likes my new bloggy look. A change was long overdue!
Next on my list>>

<< Pick up a couple more summer dresses
<< Find a raft for the pool
<< Make some amazing sun tea
<< Attempt to get some sort of color on my ultra white skin.

(At least the first three seem realistic).

What scents represent your childhood?



Hey Lady! said...

I can't believe it's not Summer yet! It's been nonstop sun here for weeks!

Scents of childhood...

The first is definitely the Star Jasmine that used to grow outside my bedroom window in the house I grew up in. The smell of the old 1978 station wagon my mother drove when I was a child, especially in the summertime. And the Juniper bushes that grew all around the schools we used to play at.

Elizabeth said...

Our summer up here in Nor Cal has finally arrived! Sunny and in the 80's instead of rainy and cold like it has been. Summer for me are strawberries, sprinklers, pool smells, and reading fun books.

Aaron and Katie said...

Sunscreen, for sure.
Waking up in the middle of the night to the smell of steak.