Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things I Haven't Told You, Part 1: The Cat on the High Dive

This cat has quite the form. He has been practicing on the high dive. I kid, but it's funny how they scrunch themselves into these sorts of precarious formations. Jonah sleeps a lot. He lost some weight too. Then he got big eyes - not like the kind when they get spooked by a sound, but pupils that are dilated all the time. We knew something was not right so we loaded up Joaney-cat and took him to see his favorite vet (lol he hates that place). $575 later they had all these test results and no idea what was wrong with him. They told us to take him to see a neurologist - maybe he has brain tumor they said. Yeah, like we can afford a neurologist!

So we took him back home and decided to watch him for a bit. Then Billy's dad had a great idea to take him to see Jonah's old vet, an older gentleman who has seen a cat or two in his day. So turns out Jonah is blind. The old doctor said high blood pressure can cause blindness and that's what he thinks happened. My cat is blind as a bat. If I took him to this vet from the beginning this may not have happened. But it did.

I feel terrible for him. He bumps into stuff and it's just about the saddest thing ever! The old doctor said he will still live a happy life, whether or not that's true who knows.
So yeah.
One of the best cats I've ever had.
Still is.
Just... blind.
There are a handful of things I haven't said too much about on this space. I am going to start a little series called "Things I Haven't Told You." Then I can get it all out of my system.



Krista said...

That is so very sad:( I am sorry! I know how it must be aching your Mamas heart. What a sweet kitty. I am excited to read all the things that you have not told us....praying some are on the happier side:) Although I am grateful that kitty did not have a brain tumor!!!

Aaron and Katie said...

So sorry your cat is blind. No fun.

Hope your fairy festival went well!

Celestial said...

Oh honey, I am sorry for Jonah, but I'm sure he's bound to get quite a lot of love out of this. How will things work out with the litter box and food dishes?

If that happened to one of my kitties I'm sure I'd be carrying them everywhere!

Big hugs sweetie. Praying for you all too!

(and Tigger says "meow")

erika said...

Poor Jonah! I think you should start going to the older vet all the time now! How could they have missed that? Give him lots of hugs and cuddles for me!

Jess said...

poor sweetheart! I know he'll learn how to get around without seeing, cats are super smart.

Hey Lady! said...

I'm so sorry! I'm really glad you figured it out so maybe they can treat him and get the blood pressure lowered... Would the vision get better if his blood pressure went down?
Even if not, I have heard that same thing the vet said, that once he gets used to his space he should live a normal life.

Vista Gal said...

Oh, I am so sad that Jonah has lost his sight. My heart breaks for you and the days that Jonah had chasing things and watching out the window. He had his place in the sun, and still does, where he will still catch his cat naps.