Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Weekend

Just some summer eye candy here, this last wonderful weekend of July. You can find me basking in the glory of this serendipitous season.



Celestial said...

Looks like you have many things to enjoy and be thankful for!

erika said...

I loved your hair this weekend. So romantic<3

Hey Lady! said...

I too love the Summer. My mother calls me all the time to make sure I've not melted away in this Texas heat, and I always say the same thing "it's really not that bad", last time I said it, she mocked me! Like repeated it back in a mocking voice.

Enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts, Winter is just around the corner!

Chelsea said...

Ahhh lovely!! I have grown to love each season so much for what each offers. I am sad to see summer wind down but that also means fall, my favorite season is around the corner! Yay! When does summer end official anyway?