Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Give Away >> Glitter Hearts!

So I've had these glitter hearts in my etsy shop for a few weeks but haven't posted about them. I keep thinking about birthday parties, and how lovely and simple they can be with just a little effort. My dad and I just shared a birthday party at the end of July, and I made these cake toppers for the occasion. Of course when the time came, I forgot to put them in the cake. But I guess it's the thought that counts!

Growing up we didn't have a lot of money, and some years we had even less than not a lot (ya it is possible). Despite our *ehem* thrifty lifestyle, my mom and dad always made a deliberate effort to make us four kids feel important when celebrating our birthdays. We had the kind of birthdays with construction paper crowns, crepe paper streamers and balloons my mom would blow up and tape around the house in the middle of the night. Homemade cakes, homemade banners, homemade party invitations - it was a little extra effort put forth by my parents to make their children's birthdays were more special than any regular old day. And then when it was all over we'd save the ribbons, wash off the candles, roll up the crepe paper and save it for whosever birthday came next.

My memories of birthdays are unalterably special to me, mostly because my parents really used their imaginations. They only used what they had or could borrow, and had a simple goal - to make sure we felt loved. I love remembering these things.

So I am giving away three sets of glitter heart cake toppers for three of you lucky winners. I hope they are something simple you can enjoy keeping in your birthday stash. All that is required to enter is to briefly share about something your family did for you growing up that made birthdays special to you. I can't wait to hear from you, and please, tell your friends!

Random winners will be chosen Saturday, August 20th. Please make sure to include a way for me to know how to contact you!


Pattie said...

My parents didn't celebrate birthdays b/c my fathers adoptive parents were very cruel to him especially when his birthday came around. So, it was somewhat of a sore reminder for him.

No matter what we did that day we wouldn't get in trouble for it, not even the next day.
So that was awesome!

erika said...

Love 'em! My mom would turn on the Beatles "They Say It's Your Birthday" and dance for us while singing along. And then when the line came "I would like you to dance..." we would have to get up and dance with her. Embarrassing at 14, cool to think about now:)

Natalie Jane said...

No Chores! For a family of 5 kids, that was a big deal.

Dawn Gahan said...

What a lovely post. Glitter, hearts, and fond memories.

I think what I remember most about birthdays as a child was the sleepovers. Everything from levitation to truth-or-dare. If lucky, we might start the evening with a trip to the local roller rink. But for the most part, it was all about girls and sleeping bags and talking non-stop. We really didn't need anything much more.

Elizabeth said...

Our birthdays as kids were so so, BUT I spoiled my girls for their birthdays! I would make their favorite dinner, have a party and they were given special gifts.

I love birthdays, and my husband does too. We are like little kids when it is "our" day. He spoils me rotten on my day :)

Those hearts are adorable :)

Lisa Mac said...

We didn't have much money growing up either, and never had parties or much in the way of presents, but my parents always had us "pick a place to eat" for our special day. Sometimes the birthday child would choose Taco Bell, but it was still special to all of us kids!

Chelsea said...

We very rarely had junk food in the house. Dessert yes but sugary cereal, chips, soda, fruit roll ups? No. But every year for our birthday we got to choose all the meals for the day. Anything went. So we would always go for frosted flakes or the most ridiculous most awful sugary breakfast treat we could find. Looked forward to it every year!!!

Those are absolutely adorable Georgia and I love the sentiment behind their creation!


Emilie said...

My mom always sang Happy Birthday to me first thing in the morning when she would wake me up for school.

Aaron and Katie said...

Did I make it in time?? I am an hour later than you. Maybe you are not awake yet on this Saturday morning! Love them! Caroline would love them too!

Hey Lady! said...

Even though the contest is over I'll tell you about our (my brother and I) birthday growing up. Though Billy and I had the same birthday, my parents went to all the trouble of having two parties, even though the same people (pretty much) came to both parties! They were usually on two Saturdays in a row, homemade cakes and ice cream. One year we had a clown... ask Billy about "Homer the Clown", awesome story.