Monday, August 29, 2011

Still Summer...

It's been really hot here, which means lots of water and iced tea for me. Ice cold black tea with milk has been my favorite this year. What is it about the heat that brings memories of childhood? Maybe it's all those recollections of lounging all summer break long, well aware of a generally empty calendar. My sister and I did take advantage of her Summer break, and spent almost every Monday together doing something to entertain ourselves. We could usually be found at some point in the day pounding iced lattes in a desperate attempt to stay cool/stay awake.

As much as I love Summer, I am missing cooking. It's just too hot. I made scones a couple mornings ago, and just being around the hot oven almost sent me over. I love Autumn sincerely, and I will be overjoyed when it comes to town, but still I must continue to dote on Summer while I have it. Salad and fruit have been my companions for months, but when the weather starts to cool I know I will be anxious to start on some soups. And pie. My good Lord the thought of cinnamon...

Before I forget I have the winners for the glitter heart cake topper contest. I used a random number generator to get the results, so the turnout is quite fair. Ok here goes...

<< Natalie Jane
<< Katie Watts
<< Lisa Mac

Let me know which colorway you would like (pink or silver), and I will get your heart toppers off to you! I will email you to get your addresses too.



Natalie Jane said...

YAY!!! I'm having the best day! I'd love the silver ones :)

Chelsea said...

Yay my mom won! Man o man...just the talk of fall is getting me excited. I keep telling myself to just enjoy summer (by the way do you still consider it summer until the Autumn Equinox or do you consider Sept. to be fall?) while it is here. But oh yes...scarves, soups, cinnamon, pumpkin, halloween, my (ah-hem) birthday :) I think a Fall swap is in order IF we have the time. Love post my dear. xo

jen said...

i should enjoy summer but it has been far too hot for my liking this past week! and i'm allergic to peaches so i can't even enjoy those. ;)

complaining aside, i see you have figs--is it that time of year again? i love figs (and i can eat them, hurray!). :D