Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Quilt Fabrics

My fabric arrived for my fall quilt! My package from Sew Mama Sew was just as beautiful as ever - and as I pulled the fabric bundle out of the packaging everything just sang in perfect harmony. I am so excited to start on this.

Erika and I are endeavoring in quilt making together this Fall and I drew patterns for both us based on this gorgeous quilt by One Shabby Chick. The large blocks are perfect for showcasing beautiful fabrics, in fact, once Erika showed me that quilt I couldn't imagine any other possibility for mine. I decided on 90 x 9o inches for our king size bed. I hope to end up using a nice flannel for the backing, making it cozy warm for the Autumn months.

This is one of the more exciting projects I've started on in a while - probably because it is for us. I know that this quilt will be loved when it's stormy out, when the rain pours, and when the morning cold slips through the glass during the chilly months of the Autumnal side of the year...


erika said...

I love your fabrics. I am SOOOO excited! I wish they were done already!

Hey Lady! said...

Wow. So pretty. I can not wait to see pictures as you move along.

Celestial said...

So excited for you!